From Tracie: -Project 365 Week 17

Friday, April 23, 2010

-Project 365 Week 17

So much little time!
 "Here is a little piece of sunshine that fell and made a flower!"
Isn't that sweet??
I love how you can see that last week Katarina did her own nails...multi-color is very in amongst six year olds right now!

All dressed up and ready to go.....somewhere!
These puppies make me think of every cheesy romance movie moment with two people standing across a long field from each other...I can feel the slow motion coming!

 This stop sign just didn't make it!

As always, I didn't grow these flowers, I only photographed them!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Wednesday, April 21 was Denim Day.  This is me, proudly wearing my jeans on Wednesday to show my support for sexual assault victims and survivors.   

This is starting to feel like a weekly posting, but once again Katarina has lost a tooth!
This time it was the top left tooth.
At this point I think applesauce and soup are going to be on the menu for a while!

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  1. that first picture... all that yarn... made my day!

  2. Did you take that picture of your jeans while they were on you? If so I am impressed!

  3. Isn't it creepy? All these little kids running around with their teeth falling out? :)

    I love that kids can't tell weeds from flowers -- they just know beauty when they see it.

    Did you take out the stop sign?

  4. Great photos!

    Love the yellow flower shot the best I think...

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  5. Great shots! Love the first picture because of the unique angle! Btw, your girl is beautiful :)

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest from Indonesia!

  6. These are great. Your daughter's toothless smile is adorable :)

  7. What fun and lovely photos! Glad I stopped by from SITS!

  8. So much yarn so little time! LOVE it :)
    And toothless smiles are my favorite.
    Such a great stage. Very fun to see your week in review via pictures. Lovely.

  9. Hi Tracie!

    I luv the picture of your daughter holding the flower. Very artsy :)

  10. Great pictures....are you using a digital point and shoot or do you have something more extreme? ;)

  11. Concerning the dandelion I heard this quote:
    a dandelion may be a weed but that's never stopped a child from making a wish on one