From Tracie: -Why Clothing Choices are Important

Monday, April 26, 2010

-Why Clothing Choices are Important

Did you know that we love to eat at CiCis?  We do.  We love the pizza (I eat Alfredo....yummy with no awful red sauce!) we love the dessert (I even take pictures of it sometimes!) In fact, we love it so much that the manager, who is now our friend, gave Thomas a shirt and hat one day that he wears all the time!

Yesterday we went on our daily weekly trip to CiCis, and Thomas happened to be wearing his CiCis shirt.  Which created this fun moment when the girl at the register, who was new, tried to figure out if she was supposed to know who he is...but that is a different story!

My story is this.......At the table they have these shakers of Parmesan Cheese.  A family sat behind us with a little girl who was probably about two.  The mother went to get food and the little girl picked up the Parmesan cheese shaker and proceeded to lick it!  YUCK!  Thomas was facing them and said, "ah look, she is cute"  I looked and said, "YUCK!"   She didn't just lick it, she tried to fit the whole thing in her mouth.

-The mother comes back and takes it from her and says no.

-Then the girl picks it up again and starts licking it.

-The mother takes it back and sets it on the table, "no" she says.

-The girl picks it up and licks it.

(are you sensing a pattern here?)

-The third time the mother tries to take it the girl holds it out of her reach and purposefully drops it on the floor(where it landed top down-gross), as if to say, "If I can't have it, nobody is going to have it".

-The mother's pick it up and set it back down on the table.

At his point it was like a slow motion moment in a movie.....we watched as the little girl reaches for the shaker...she is reaching.....her fingertips are about to touch it....and then.....time speeds up......Thomas swoops in and grabs the very dirty shaker before the girl can get it and replaces it with the shaker from our table! The mom looks up, and is about to say something to him (and probably not something very happy...but come on her kid was about to put that nasty thing in her mouth!) and then she looks directly at the logo on his shirt and closes her mouth.  Obviously she thought he worked there, and decided not to make a scene.

Sometimes wearing official shirts from the restaurants you eat at could save a life...or at least prevent some germs!


  1. ewww.... I just keep thinking if someone has licked some of the shakers on the tables that I've eaten at....

  2. I love CiCi's, too. You guys should get the employee discount!

  3. I really really really hope those things get cleaned often!

  4. At least the one that the girl licked got clean, because Thomas handed it to the manager and we saw him do it! As for the rest of them......I don't know, and I'm pretty sure that if I spend too much time thinking about it I will have to bring my own Parmesan Cheese next time!

  5. Oh wow - i do hope they clean up those shakers before the next person/group sits there!!! Good save by Thomas!

  6. ugh, worst nightmare when eating out is when my son misbehaves and grosses everyone out. good thing thomas was a quick thinker. and that he was wearing that shirt.

    that mom should thank you.

  7. I wonder how often they clean those things. We have a CiCi's up here. I've never been. I see the commercials all the time though and have wondered if they are any good.

  8. Parents kill me. This story definitely proves my point. What is that mother thinking? Ugh. Thank goodness for your husband...and his shirt! :)


  9. Is it true? Did I find another person who doesn't like red sauce?!!! WOO HOO!!!! I don't eat red sauce either and yes, Greg and I go to CiCi's so that we have the variety of me - no red sauce and Greg - loves red sauce. Lol

    OMG, though, about the kid eating the shaker. Yucko! Sorry, I'm a germ freak. I like clean things... I would have grabbed the shaker at that point too!!!

  10. Eww! That's why I never use the salt shakers or anything left on the table like that. I love Cici's breadsticks and sauce. Now I'm in the mood for it. Maybe I can talk my husband into taking me there even though he hates it.

  11. I. Love. Cicis.

    I do not love the thought of the toddler putting that nasty top in her mouth! ACK! Thank goodness for that shirt!

  12. I am never going out to eat again.