From Tracie: -What I Meant to Say About.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

-What I Meant to Say About.....

Jenn asked, "Will you participate in impersonating Princess so we can wish her a Happy Birthday?"
My answer, "Yes"

What I meant to say was.......Impersonating a princess, isn't that a crime?  Are you trying to get me into trouble?  Will I end up thrown in a dark, internet-less dungeon for this?

I put on my princess outfit and asked my daughter, "Don't I look princess-like?"

What I meant to say was.........Don't make fun of me in your tiara hat because I am risking life and internet in a bright room to wear this outfit.  This is serious stuff-be supportive!

When I typed, "You really are a Princess and I hope you have a wonderful birthday"

What I meant to say was.......Since you are a princess does that mean you have special power?  Does that mean you get to bestow titles on people?  Can you knight me?  Can women be knights?  
*quick google search* 
Dame!  Can you Dame me?  (that really doesn't sound right!)

I think in order to make me Dame Tracie you need something your Princess outfit doesn't have....a scepter...or a sword, but I didn't have a sword lying around, so we are going with a scepter.

Here she is......
The Princess of Sarcasm with her royal rose scepter 
ready to pronounce me Dame Tracie
(I wonder if impersonating the princess is going to be a problem in my quest to be knighted....uh, damed? You won't throw me in the internet-less dungeon, will you?
Nah, I won't worry about that....the Blogafia will break me out!
Wait, Princess is also the Godmother....dang it woman, is there a realm where you don't rule?)

To THE wonderful Princess of Sarcasm....Godmother of us all.......Happy 21st Birthday!


  1. Cute! Happy Birthday to Princess

  2. Too cute, Tracie!

    I wasn't really trying to get anyone in trouble. <---That's a total lie. I'm I'm going down, all of you are going down with me!

  3. Awwww...I love it!

    And you get a get out of jail card for saying it was my 21st birthday! :)


  4. awww I love it! Just stopped by from Chief's! Glad I did :) This was lovely!!

  5. Aww. That was a cute impersonation.
    Happy Birthday Princess!