From Tracie: 6PM JOY

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is the halfway point of the blog-a-thon!  I want to take a moment and think about joy!  Have you learned to recognize joy in every moment of your life?  Have you even started looking?

When was the last time you.....

Stopped to smell the

Jumped for JOY?

Took a ride at the playground?

Rode a carousel horse, possibly while singing songs from Mary Poppins?

Ate a whole Banana Split all by yourself....without feeling guilty?

Turned a shopping trip into a game of dress up?

Angela Shelton says, "Joy and violence can't co-exist"
The best thing you can do in your healing process is start looking for the joy in every moment!  Keep your eyes open, you will find some....and if you don't see any joy around you, start creating it! 


  1. This sounds like some of the stuff from my Inner Child posts. Love it! :) (((((((((hugs from my inner child to yours))))))

  2. YOU are an absolute JOY Sister Angel. SQUISH

  3. Great post for the carnival, Tracie. Joyous!

  4. Joy is the biggest reward for all of the years of work that I put into my recovery from incest. It sure looks like you are joyful in all of your pictures. Love the one of you and your daughter in your hats. Thanks for sharing.