From Tracie: -9PM Beauty for Ashes

Saturday, May 15, 2010

-9PM Beauty for Ashes

One thing that I love about Angela Shelton and her vision to help survivors is the spirit of NON-competition that she believes in.  It isn't about just promoting the Angela Shelton Foundation, but about promoting healing and joy for abuse survivors.

In that spirit of non-competition, I want to tell you about an opportunity to help a fellow survivor who is starting a ministry.  Her name is Penny Creek, and she is amazing.  You can read an interview with Penny, and learn more about her story.  She still bears the scars from the attacks, but she has come out on the other side fighting and ready to help other survivors.....the next step is going to be a ministry called Beauty from Ashes. To start up a ministry or foundation takes money, and she has thought of a fundraiser that not only helps the ministry, but will also be a source of joy and encouragement for survivors all throughout the year, a calendar!

So, here is your opportunity....
The Beauty from Ashes calendar will feature pictures of survivors and their triumphant stories.  Not a focus on the abuse story, but a focus on how they healed!  A focus on not only surviving, but thriving! This is a calendar of encouragement, there is healing, there is joy, there is peace....and it is worth doing the hard work to get to that place in your life!

At this time, Penny still needs survivors who are willing to be pictured and share about healing for the months of:

All stories and pictures for the calendar will be contingent on approval by Beauty from Ashes Ministry, and must be submitted and approved by August in order to have the calendar prepared for the printing date.  If you are interested in finding out more information about this calendar and sharing your healing story and picture with Penny (and she has some awesome ideas for pictures!!) you can email her at or call her at 1-(888) 795-4795 between 9am-8pm EST.  The calendars will be available for purchase in November, and I can't wait to get one!


  1. Hi!
    Found you through your guest post on Debi's blog and love your blog! Now following! Looking forward to growing our blog friendship in days to come!


  2. P.S. I sent Penny an e-mail. God recently called me to stop hiding, and hiding from, my past. In some ways mine is not such a dramatic story but it is the one God has given me and I am willing to share when and where He calls me. I wrote most of it on my blog about a month ago here: Thanks for the inspiration to speak truth that may provide others with hope! :) Beth