From Tracie: -8PM The Survival Manual and Stephanie

Saturday, May 15, 2010

-8PM The Survival Manual and Stephanie

The survivor manual has been a great resource for me to learn how to heal and how to reclaim my life and live joyfully. My favorite post on the survivor manual is Lift Your Spirits with a Funky Monkey Dance.

This post made me realize that healing doesn’t always mean being serious and working hard at recovery.

This video made me realize how much of an impact laughing and having fun can have on my healing. Every time I watch this, the worse of my days can turn into the best because the video lifts my spirits and turns my mood around.

It also incorporates another healing technique that I have leaned from the survivor manual, which is the tapping technique. During the funky monkey video Angela also teaches you how to tap the anxiety away. This has been one of the best techniques that I leaned from the survivor manual because I have had a lot of problems with high anxiety getting in the way of my life. My anxiety used to be a major problem to me.  When I had panic attacks I wouldn’t be able to go on with my day, I would be stuck in those attacks for a long time and this made me fall behind on the day to day tasks that I had to do.

After learning and doing the tapping technique my anxiety and panic dramatically lowers and I am able to get back to my day freely. Because of the survivor manual I was taught how to move past my anxiety with the tapping technique and I am now able to move on with my day when I feel my anxiety coming up. I know how to move past the panic and the anxiety and I have reclaimed my life because of the survivor manual.
The survivor manual is an important tool for my healing journey. I have learned so much from this site and I have made dramatic shifts in my life to becoming not just a survivor but a thriving survivor.
-Stephanie Chard

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  1. This sounds like some grounding technique ideas that my old therapist taught me. I think it is from EFT or TFT. Sounds good to me!