From Tracie: Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Hope and Joy Edition May 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Hope and Joy Edition May 2010

Welcome to the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Hope and Joy Edition May 2010

Hope and Joy:
The theme this month is Hope and Joy.  I asked, what is your hope, what do you hold onto when the healing path gets dark and it is hard to hang on much longer?  What is your joy, what makes you smile and dance and laugh, even in the midst of pain?  I fully believe that as survivors it is important to share our stories and our pains and our troubles.  In this sharing we find a community, we find help and understanding, which is an important part of healing.  We also need to share our hopes and joys, we need to give them freely to other survivors who may have lost sight of theirs.

~Vicki from Here in My World -  Living My Questions 
This is one of the most inspirational things I have read this week.  I love it!

~Beauty from Beautiful Dreamer - It is Well With my Soul
Beauty said, "All is not well with my world but all is well with my soul." I find that to be one of the most hopeful places you can be.  Your world might issues that need to be worked out, but if your soul is well, there is peace....and hope!

~Marj aka Thriver from Survivors Can Thrive! - Survivors Can Thrive!: I Can Thrive, I Can Smile
Marj aka Thriver said, "I chose this--one of my earliest blog posts from over four years ago, because it talks about my ability to smile. This is a topic I thought was appropriate for our "Hope & Joy" edition."

~Meggs from Speaking Out: I Tell My Truth - Joy is Contagious
I love to read about how joy is influencing every part of her life! 

~Cynthia from Voice Found - The Gift of Choice
I am thankful that she made this wise choice! 

~Just Be Real - Baggage
Amazing video!  Don't forget your tissues! 

~From Tracie - Joy
I had a blogathon this past weekend, and this post was my mid-point.  A look at a few things that have brought me joy over the last few months.  I am learning to take the time to search for joy in every moment.  Sometimes it is hard to find, but when it breaks through, it is like a rainbow peeking through the clouds.

Advocacy and Awareness:
~Ashley Hardacre from Fight for Change - The Kids With Cameras
I saw this was amazing and eye-opening! 

~Patricia Singleton from Spiritual Journey of a LightWorker - The Patricia Singleton Story Update
Patricia said, "Cyrus Webb of Conversations Live! Radio interviewed me on April 29 on BlogTalkRadio. If you are interested, you can still hear the interview online."  It is an amazing interview!

~Paul from Mind Parts - Announcing: Trauma Recovering Highlights Ezine
Paul said, "In an effort to complement some of the healing resources out there, including this Blog Carnival, the Trauma Recovery Highlights Ezine will seek out superb content and publish quarterly. All are welcome to submit resources which include yours or others blog posts, books, peer-reviewed articles, healing activities, or anything else you would like our small editorial team to consider."  Be sure to check out this new opportunity! 

~Splinteredones from Splinteredones Blog - Sitting at Songha as Ego Attacks
I really felt that this fit in well with this month's theme.  There is lots of hope in the ending words.

~Angel from Angel Believes -  Advice to Spouses and Mates of Sexual Abuse Survivors
This is a great explanation of some of the feelings that survivors go through.  It would be a great post to give to your partner to get that hard conversation started.

~Sarah from Writing - Seeing the Stars
It is a powerful thing to be able to look up, see the stars, and know hope! 

Healing and Therapy:
~Dr. Kathleen Young: Treating Trauma in Chicago - Trust the Process: Lessons from Gardening
I never thought about the ways that gardening mirrors the work we do to heal.  A great picture! 

~Angel from Angel Believes - When Fear is Your Life Label
It is a wonderful moment to move from fear to freedom! 

~Paula @ Becoming Myself - My Inner Team
Paula said, "About my inner team. Hope it is of help to others."

In the News:
~Adam from Zen Tactics News Page - Child Abuse Statistics - NIS-4 & Worldwide Statistics

~Dallas Burrows from Master of Health Administration - 25 Eye Opening Studies and Infographics About Gendercide

~Patricia Singleton from Spiritual Journey of a LightWorker - Truly Beautiful Women Know Their Self Worth
This starts with a poem that is amazing, but I love the very practical list that Patricia shared about how she learned to love herself!

Survivor Stories:
~Patricia Singleton from Spiritual Journey of a LightWorker - Lost Pieces and Abilities Caused by the Pain of Incest
Patricia said, "An ah-ha moment brings about another stage of grieving."

~Angel from Angel Believes - Pouring My Heart Out
There is a strength in this post I hope to possess.

~Nai'a Spirit - Repression is a Viscous Vortex
Nai'a Spirit said, "My blog is very new :-) I hope as time goes by, to be part of the community sharing on these important issues."  Welcome to the community Nai'a Spirit.  You have already shared an important post!

~Cynthia from Voice Found - Allow Yourself to Feel Good
It is so easy to let all the stressers in life to take over.  A great reminder to not just feel good, but to look for the things that make us feel good!

New! Art Therapy:
I loved all these great submissions to the new Art Therapy section! 

~Vicki from Here in My World - Learning the Language of Memory
Amazing collages and story!

~Little Sheep from My (Getting Better) Story - Oh The Places You'll Go
Little Sheep said, "This was the first topic I thought of when I saw that the theme this month is hope and joy"

~Cornnut32 submitted a trilogy of pictures:
Transformational Self Portrait: How I Was in the Past
Transformational Self Portrait: How I am Now
Transformational Self Portrait: My Ideal Future Self

~Paula from Recovery in Art - Me: Where the End Meets the Begin

~Paula from Recovery in Art - Coat of Arms
Paula said, "This submission is about what is dear to me, shows my progress and future goals."

~From Tracie - The Survivor Manual and Vision Boards
This was a step out of my artsy comfort zone.


  1. wow! so much material to read...can't wait to finish going through it all! thanks tracie!

  2. I always love this blog carnival. Such wisdom from so many, it can be overwhelming. So I pick and choose. Thanks so much for letting me
    participate here dear. If we each tell our stories in our own individual
    voices, the roar is magnificent! Thanks for you work--

  3. Tracie, thanks for hosting and putting this amazing group of articles together for May. I look forward to reading and meeting new friends.

  4. I can't believe you got this up already! You are amazing, Tracie! It looks fantastic. I'm so glad we extended the deadline. Thanks so much for accommodating that. I will go over right now and list this over at Blog Carnival dot com and start reading all these great looking posts!

    Thanks for all your hard work, Tracie and thanks to everyone who contributed posts! What a rockin' survivor community we have here. ;)

  5. Amazing stuff! And thank you for sharing my blog here :-)

    I've had some wonderful comments from wonderful people already and it's been very encouraging for me ... made me realize that I had gone so long without support and rarely gotten validation ..and I can't begin to describe how much that helps, if that makes sense :-)

    Thanks for all you do Tracie ... truly a gift ...

  6. Some great blog posts here. Glad to see the huge response on this theme. Maybe I'll get my act together soon and join in! But reading is just as much fun, and so valuable when the posts are so good. Adventures in Anxiety Land

  7. Super job Tracie! Thank you for hosting!

  8. Very good information and it is very comforting to know that we can heal.

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