From Tracie: Do You Watch or Do You Sleep

Monday, May 24, 2010

Do You Watch or Do You Sleep

On Saturday morning we went to the great flip flop sale at Old Navy.  If you want to know the secret of the way to my heart, it is flip flops....and sugar, but flip flops are a big key!  

We wanted to go see a movie.  The family was divided.  The thought of seeing Furry Vengeance made Katarina feel.....

But the though of Furry Vengeance made Thomas feel.....

I was just happy to be eating.....
(remember that whole sugar thing...the other way to my heart!)

After Thomas took a nap that lasted about 1hr and 32min, we saw Iron Man, which made us all feel.....

That is the way to have a great Saturday morning! 
What did you do (or sleep through) this weekend?


  1. Hey Tracie,
    Sounds like fun!! What a darling Katarina is!!

    I enjoyed the most wonderful weather this weekend. We had hit the 100's and were back down in the 80s can I get a Wahoo!! I gardened. I enjoyed my grandson and we took in a movie also for the first time in I don't know how long last night. "Letters to Juliet" sweet and cute.

    Hey, YOu did a fabulous job with the carnival, congratulations.

    I went over to send some hugs Daffy's way.

    Have a great WEEK!! I will be around.

    You are wonderful xoxo

  2. I love the flip flops! :) Such cute pictures/commentary! On Saturday morning I slept in a little bit....then went to visit my friend's brand new baby girl in the hospital! And then...I worked. It was a good day, though!

  3. Looks like a GREAT weekend... I love Old Navy flip flops.. have WAY too many... nah, cant have too many, can you?

  4. I had a great time at the Civil War weekend. Got a little sunburn on my face though.

    I'm not a flip flop wearer, but my daughter is and we miss that flip flop sale every darn year!! lol

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! :) I feel for my crocs what you feel for flip flops. But I wear them all year! :)

  6. I'm so jealous about the flip flops! I went last year and it was such a mad house that I decided to skip it this year- and then I heard that they kept up a stock all day and I could have gotten some with no problem. :(

  7. How fun! I missed the $1 sale! What was I doing... HAVING A YARD SALE, selling some brand new flip flops I had for $1! :-D

  8. Looks like *almost* everyone had fun. LOL

    Last weekend was 5K weekend --- I thought it would be the last for the season, but apparently DH has other ideas. Looks like we'll be runnin' for watermelonson July 4. LOL

  9. LoL! LOVE this post--it's completely and utterly adorable :D :D :D