From Tracie: Fragments of a Monday

Monday, May 03, 2010

Fragments of a Monday

A lot of weeks I participate in Friday Fragments, it is a great way to pull together lots of things from the week and put them in one post.  Last Friday I was so busy I didn't even have fragments to pull together! (well, I had them, I just didn't have enough brain power left to pull them together!) So, this will by my own Fragments of a Monday...and I'll use bullet points...because I do dearly love them!
  •  Writing!  I have been reading and re-reading this post from the wonderful Patti Digh.  It makes me want to helps me to makes "writing" make sense to me!  (I know, now I just need to bring some of that writing here!)
  •  I know that April was Sexual Assault Awareness month, but around here I like to keep people aware all year round, so I have three big things to talk about this in May 1~Blog-a-thon, 2~Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, and 3~The Army of Angels Conference
  • First, the Blog-a-thon!  It is coming up in less than 2 weeks, on the 15th!  Over to the right is a first giving box, you can click on the word won't bite!  I promise =)   In all seriousness, this has been keeping me pretty busy, collecting stories for posts, organizing them and getting everything ready.  It is going to be a fun time, full of 24 hours straight of blogging and live streaming video of me in all my sleep-deprived glory!!
  • Second, the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse! I will be hosting it this month on the 21st.  There will be more info coming about this later in the week.
  • Third, the Army of Angels Conference! It isn't happening until October, but you want to get your tickets now before all the spaces are filled up!
  • Fourth, (I know, I said there was three, but really there is four!) Pepsi is giving away grants each month, and you get to vote on who gets the grants.  The Angela Shelton Foundation is in the running for the month of May to get $25,000 to film videos for the Survivor Manual.  It just takes a minute to vote! 
  • Hats!  When did it stop being the style for men and women to wear hats every day? (and not ball caps...fancy hats!)  I miss that!  After years of watching classic movies, I grew up wanting to be Doris Day with the cute matching hats and handbags.  Can one of you bring that style back and then suggest some hats that would look cute on me?  I would appreciate that. 
  • Reading!  I have a bunch of books to be reviewed, many of them have been read, I just need to sit down and do the reviews.  Be prepared to hear a lot of my book opinions in the upcoming weeks!
  • Phineas and Ferb!  Why is that on this list?  I don't know except that Katarina is watching it right now as I type this and it is distracting me.  I seriously love this show!
  • I am slightly terrified of my google reader.  It has been a week since I have visited it and I think when I open it up today it might explode with the number of unread blogs. If you find little bits and pieces of me all over blog-world you will know what happened!
  • I love Natasha Wescoat!  I watched her create a painting live on Saturday night and she is amazing! 
  • Jaden turned 3 this weekend!  Happy Birthday little guy!

These are bottle brush flowers, I'm hoping that looking at them will inspire me to go do some dishes........

So far it isn't working!


  1. You're so busy! I'm surprised you had time to type that all out! Don't be skurred of your reader I opened mine today and it didn't explode. I'm sure yours can't be any worse.

  2. I went well over a week without opening my reader. I highly recommend "Mark All As Read". Except for mine. ;-) Ha!!

  3. Friday Fragments reminds me of 13 Thursday. I have lots of hats, like to buy them but rarely wear them.

    Have you started the dishes yet?

  4. I'm scared of my google reader too. Its been a week since I looked at it and last time I did that, I cried and my brain fried when I returned to it!

  5. I was hoping it would inspire me to do the dishes as well. No such luck. :(

  6. Looks like you have a lot going on. Good luck with everything. I sent some money into the blog-a-thon. Looking forward to it!