From Tracie: -Watch Out for Falling Joy

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

-Watch Out for Falling Joy

I collect things that are yellow......
They get mixed with Kim's and Megan's things as we tweet about them,  and together they form the 

We needed some blooms...adding a little life and beauty!

 What have you seen today that brought you some JOY?

Here is a tip....
Feel free to take a nap in the comfort of the Ultimate Yellow Joy might get a little yellow on you, but that could be a good thing!


  1. That's pretty funny! I'm guessing the yellow isn't bothering him a bit.

  2. What a beautiful tree, and when the blossoms fall, it snows yellow !

  3. I needed to see this today! Love you, Tracie!!!

  4. I've never seen a tree like that. How gorgeous! I'm glad you gave us this post today. I was just thinking the other day, "I actually have moments of pure joy now." What a blessing! I think Spring is helping me with my joy these days.

    Hey, I'm glad you saw that I added my contribution to your blog-a-thon fund raising efforts. I'm so excited for you doing this and wanted to support you monetarily and also by coming to your blog. Don't hesitate to remind me when you start that blogging (I could be busy and spaced out) so that I can stop by while you're blogging away! ;)

  5. I spent a few hours on my front porch in the sunshine--feeling happy to be alive.

    Stopping by from SITS

  6. Joy = Being able to have all the windows open.