From Tracie: The Most Exciting Hot Chocolate Recipe Ever

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Most Exciting Hot Chocolate Recipe Ever

I read all those hunger-inducing blogs....the ones where they cook the amazing food and take step by step pictures for blogging purposes.  I have never tried this, but the other day I made some very exciting hot chocolate. I didn't think to photograph it during the actual cooking process, so I decided in an effort to bring you an accurate picture of this recipe I would draw it out.......

Now, let me explain that I understand it is getting hot outside, in some places it is very hot...but when the chocolate craving hits, you have to make do with what you have, and what I had was hot chocolate.  Here is how to make your own!  

Step 1. Pour water into cup
 Be very careful not to overfill the cup, because you will be adding more ingredients soon, and you will also have to have room to stir!

Step 2. Add Hot Chocolate packet.  
I was going to add two so that it would be extra chocolaty, but I realized that there were only three packets left in the box, so I went ahead and added all three!
It is okay to live dangerously!

Step 3. Place cup in the exact center of the microwave.
Set your timer for 4 minuites, but plan on checking on it after three.  
The cooking time will vary according to microwave and humidity levels.

Step 4. This is the most important step of all!  
While staring at the hot chocolate cooking, quickly get bored and wander into the next room where you sit down for "just a minute" (after all, you have 3 minutes before it needs to be checked) and check your email and twitter.  Maybe even stop in at facebook.  You've got the time.

At this point, you will hear a noise.  This noise will depend on the brand and model of your microwave, mine sounds like a high pitched alarm.  BEEP BEEP BEEP!  You will have passed the three minute mark and missed the "checking point". 

When you return to the microwave, this is what you will see...
This will provide you with the wonderful experience of
Step 5. Clean out the microwave and throw away the partially melted cup 

....Followed by a trip to the store to buy chocolate in candy form!

Feel free to skip steps 1-5 and go straight to the store for chocolate.  It might be safer, and it is definitely less work! 

This isn't my most exciting cooking moment; it is just the most recent...and you wonder why my family spends so much time at Chick-fil-A.


  1. very nice artist renderings.
    my trick is not not put the coco in until the water is hot, things always explode for no reason in my microwave. mostly hot pockets.

  2. roflmbo... ummm sweetie styrofoam melts in themicrowave FYI.. and ummm 1 to 1 1/2 minutes is the equivalent of boiling water lol.. for future reference of course..

  3. hahaha...I love that you drew pictures for it! I did that once back in high school, but we didn't have internet at home. I got caught up calling my boyfriend and asking him to bring something I needed to my house that afternoon, then I got into story telling mode and BAM melted cup!

  4. How did you get those cool media icons on your sidebar? Ya know the FB and Twitter ones.
    i want some for my blog.
    Was it easy to put on your blog?

  5. uh-oh!!!
    love the drawings!!!

    That's what I would do. Check Twitter, or more importantly hootsuite. :)

    Thanks for the laugh.
    Mmm. hot chocolate does sound good right now. nothing says chocolate like drinking your chocolate. YUM!

  6. 3 minutes in my microwave and that cup would have been obliterated. I think mine is run on nuclear power.

  7. I am CRACKING up!! Thank you for this hysterical look at how to make hot chocolate!!

  8. Wow... That is exciting. I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. Just curious... What kind of chocolate did you get from the store?

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  9. and you found time to draw pictures. i hate cleaning the microwave :(

  10. You are SUCH an artiste! I LOL'ed when you told me about it the other day, but that illustration is cracking me up! The only thing missing is a drawing of your facial expression when you opened the microwave!

  11. That was adorable and hilarious at the same time!

  12. That's too terrible! I'm torn between laughing and crying for you...I feel your pain here because I'm usually the one that stuff happens too. Glad you got everything cleaned up OK!

  13. LOL, I love it!

  14. OMG-I love your drawings, but the last one is especially funny (sorry.)

  15. Ohmygosh I hope it's okay that I'm laughing as much as I am at this!!!! :-D LOVE the drawings!!!

  16. Oh no! Well, I hope the candy bar tasted good. You probably needed it after the microwave disaster.

  17. LOL! I have never been interested in "cooking blogs", but I LOVE your cooking post! If all the cooking blogs were like yours...with such grade A illustrations, I would pay more attention!

  18. AWESOME! Just what I need...a good steaming cup of burnt chocolate microwave!

  19. I love that you drew pictures to go with this story! That's hysterical!!