From Tracie: The Bunny and The Haiku

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bunny and The Haiku

I have a budding poet on my hands. Katarina has been composing poetry for the last couple of weeks. It is very sweet. I have never composed poetry. I wrote some poems in school, under threat of failing grades from my teachers. I don't really count those as poetry though, and I certainly wouldn't call it composing. They could more accurately be described as clumps of English words that rhymed uncomfortably.

Tonight I was longing for fall. Thinking of movies and television shows with great fall moments in them. Yes, sometimes I watch movies for the background scenery, don't judge. I was hit with a sudden desire to break out in poetry. To bring out the perfect mix of longing and love and fall-ness and package it in a neat verse.

This is not that, but it is a haiku....of sorts. I'm not sure if all the other haikus would accept it as one of them, they might try to push it off on the narrative poems and run away. The narrative poems would then sniff haughtily and rhyme at one another about roses and girls named Evangeline, neatly ignoring this little non-haiku-narrative. But somewhere there would be a bunny (Isn't there always a bunny? - A brown bunny with very long ears, a pink nose, and a fluffy ball of a tail) that would see my haiku sitting there on a cold bench surrounded by crunchy red leaves and snuggle up next to her new friend for a nap under gently moving clouds.

You, dear readers are the bunny. See? Aren't you cute? And this is your new friend....

I love the fall rain

Leaves tumble down upon me

Quick! Hide the rake. Crunch.

In case you missed the big news I bought my own domain this weekend! Yay! If any of you fabulous folks have a link to me wandering around your blog, please catch it and change it over. Thanks for that! Hopefully I didn't loose anyone in the transition, I suppose if you saw me today in your reader, or inbox, or dashboard, then you are stalking me still with me. Whew! I was so scared that changing that domain over was going to cause some sort of blog explosion. Thanks to Cluttered Brain for writing that great guest post for me last weekend so that I could spend my time preparing the explosion-proof bunker just in case, and thanks to all of you who answered my many questions about domains.


  1. #1 - I never realized how cute I was until you told me. I like being a bunny. =)

    #2 - I am SO feeling your poem. I would say you have no idea... but you do.

    #3 - Thank you for reminding me to change my links to you!

    #4 - Love you!

  2. Great haiku and I would just like weather in the 80's. That would be nice.

  3. Wait do I have to be a brown bunny?? I mean I want to be TADA I'm HEre in all my bunny greatness roflmbo
    Love the poem, Haiku I could never do a Haiku cause it asked for syllables um yeah give me a rhyme anyday

  4. I LOVE the poem :) I've always loved reading and writing haiku's.

    I think I'll enjoy being a bunny.

  5. You had me at roses and Evangeline. That's poetry right there!

  6. Congrats on the new domain. I'm sure I have a link to you somewhere that needs some changing. I'll get to it!

    I've always wanted to be a bunny, so I'm glad I stopped by.

  7. She did a great job with that! I can never write haiku. Counting syllables = math and I don't do math.

  8. ahh yes, Fall. Except we don't need no stinking rakes. And leaves? We don't have any of them either....

    but i like your haiku.
    I put you on my blogroll and it updated just fine...Whew. Thank heavens.

  9. Love your new digs. Congrats! And I like your attempt at haiku. It's a cute one and very sensory!

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog with your helpful comments recently. Let me know when you can host THE BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE again. I will definitely take you up on your offer. Dan Hays is hosting this month. The deadline is Wednesday for a Friday edition. But, I don't have any hosts lined up for the rest of the calendar year. What month works for you? Thanks, sweetie! *hugs*

  10. Definitely a haiku and a lovely one at that.

    And thanks, a bunny is cute, so I'll take it.

  11. Love fall. Love your haiku.

    And thanks for making me a bunny. I really needed to be something other than myself today.

  12. This bunny loves the poem! I also loved your vision of the narrative poetry pushing the poor haikus out of the way!

    Congrats on your domain. I just made that change. Now if I can just figure out how to add things!

    Have a great week!


  13. (Di Georgia)
    um am i missing something? i'm using the same old link. are you hiding another blog from me, missy?!?

  14. We stepped on a rake once. It was not as funny as tv shows make it seem to be.

    We love your blog!