From Tracie: Some Updates and a Tagging

Monday, November 01, 2010

Some Updates and a Tagging

Some updates. Here is a list...because I am in a bullet point kind of mood:
  • Marj from Survivors Can Thrive has given me a huge honor. She is going into blog semi-retirement, and has asked me to take over the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. I am excited, and sad, and slightly nervous all at the same time. But mostly, I am excited to carry on this very important thing that Marj started back in 2006.
  • We already have a host set up for November (thank you Splinty!), but December and all of 2011 are open, so let me know if you would like to host a month over at your blog.
  • I know, dear readers, that I have left you in suspense. After my recounting of the Covert Mission you have been wondering what is going on. Did the Focus Rally people contact us? Not yet. We have heard nothing. Which, I'm fine about. Totally fine. I'm certainly not stalking the Ford Focus on facebook, or sending Vanessa desperate exclamation-point-laden emails every day asking her if she has heard anything. No. Those are things that I just wouldn't do. 
  • Also, I wouldn't ask you to tweet "I want to see Team Vanessa and Tracie ( @baptistness & @fromtracie ) on #Ford #FocusRally. Don't you agree @FordFocus ?" That is just one more thing that I would not do. 
  • In other news. I will be going out of town in November. Katarina and I are going to visit my family in Arizona next week. 
  • Not to worry, I have been setting up some fabulous guest posters to keep you entertained while I am gone.
  • Who wants to come pack for me? 
  • I realized last night that the airport I am flying in and out of has one of those full body scanners. Insert panic attack here. I will be spending today figuring out all my rights concerning this situation.
  • We found a used copy of the second season of Gilmore Girls at the dvd store over the weekend. Cuing the resurgence of the Jess/Dean debate in my home. Katarina is fully in the Dean Camp. She clearly does not go for the whole "bad boy" image...and I think I'm very okay with that, and hoping she will remember that when she gets older. 
  • Check out my friend Sunday at Adventures in Extreme Parenting as she Shouts Out About Autism today!

Now for the tagging. Jen tagged me with some questions, and here they are:
1.What is your perfect weather?
   -COLD! I love the cold! I don't get much real cold down here in Florida, but I long for changing leaves and cold weather and snow. I firmly believe that snow and I belong together.

2.Since yesterday was Halloween, what is your favorite candy or fall treat?
  -I have to pick a favorite? Just one? My favorite favorite is Godiva. No question, but that is more of a special occasion (read:expensive!) candy. For everyday treat indulgences I love Pralines, Heath Bars, Skittles, Reese's Cups, Twizzlers, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Nutella, Oreos.....really, I could keep going with this all day long. Sugar and I also belong together.

3.What is a favorite Halloween memory?
  -I grew up in a family that did not celebrate Halloween, so I don't have one of these. 

4.What day of the week is your favorite and why?
  -Mondays. Every Monday is a fresh start on a new week. Full of possibilities and promise. 

5.What do you splurge on that is just for YOU?
  -Books. Some of my books get shared with Katarina, or lent to friends, so maybe they aren't always just for me, but for the most part they are.

6.At what store do you spend the most money?
  -The Bookstore. No question. 

7.What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word Hallelujah?
  -This song:

8.It's a perfect day, what are you doing?
  -Cuddling up with Thomas and Katarina watching movies, reading books, and just spending the entire day together with no stress. Preferably in a log cabin surrounded with snow....and full of junk food.

Feel free to answer these questions. Or other questions. Or send me sugar and snow.


  1. Dear one, come visit me this winter! We might get some snow!!! Or come visit me when I move to any of the following places: Scotland, England, or Sweden. We will definitely get snow there :)

    PS- I am so far behind on reading blogs, so tell me more about this carnival your hosting...

  2. You know, I live here in the Coloradoes, which is quite near the Arizonas. And we get snow. I'm just mentioning.

  3. I tweeted!
    Arizona really? I think U need to come to Mesquite. Seriously. I'm here, that's all you need, right?
    Love ya babe!

  4. Have fun traveling. I live in Arizona and I really hate Sky Harbor. We are going to KY in Decemeber and I'm not looking forward to that.

  5. Wow, Tracie! You really do have a lot going on. Thank you so much for agreeing to maintain the blog carnival in my stead. I know you will do a great job keeping it going.

    Best wishes for your trip. I'm leaving for a week-long botanical illustration retreat myself next week. Can't wait! :)

  6. Tweeted again as a good blend should ( get it blog friend = blend).. you crack me up..

  7. crap crap crap! i promised you i'd send a list of links to potential posts today! will still happen. or maybe not til tomorrow. but i promise i will get it done!!!


  8. Do you know how many exclamation points will be used when I do hear from them?

    A lot, I tell ya.

  9. Oh if they don't pick you guys they are just silly.

  10. Thanks for playing!! I love your answers!! I definitely see a theme with your love for books!! I know what mean about wishing for cold weather!! It doesn't get that cold here in Texas either!!


  11. I might be packing twice this month for me. A retreat and a trip to help my mother.

    I splurge on good soap and only the best chocolate.

  12. I tweeted, because as much as I want to see you on the show, I really want to see what helping you on the road is like! fun in Arizona! I'm a little jealous. Hopefully I can make it out to visit my family next year.