From Tracie: I Was A Spoiled Little Sick Girl with Much More Than Mommy

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I Was A Spoiled Little Sick Girl with Much More Than Mommy

I am home! We successfully made it back to Florida with no naked pictures or TSA molestation. Now I just have to dig myself out of the pile of laundry that is currently holding me hostage, and try to get the suitcases stored on the closet shelf without them falling on my head (....again) and get over the cough that is left over from the plague that everyone in my family was sharing over the last couple of weeks.

That cough is kind of funny, because it fits in well with the last guest post I have for you. Actually it isn't is annoying and I feel like it will never end, and the only real sunny spot is that I finally got most of my voice back (that's right, I lost my voice, for over a was a near tragedy for everyone) but I am going to go with funny....and I am going to let everyone around me read what Vanessa wrote and demand some princess treatment of my own!

My last fabulous guest poster is Vanessa from Much More Than Mommy. She is also known as my partner in crime covert missions. She is fun and beautiful, and she has a list of demands that all husbands of sick wives should follow....

I Was A Spoiled Little Sick Girl

In a way, I kind of feel sorry for The Husband.
It’s not his fault that my mother was the absolute BEST caretaker in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD when I was sick.  It’s not his fault he can’t read my mind like she did and know just when I wanted a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, or when I just wanted to sit and stare mindlessly at the television. 
Mom just knew.
But now I’ve realized that mommies just should not get sick.  And, even when they are sick, they can pretty much carry on like they’re not.
This week, however, I was diagnosed with the flu.  With no fever or any other symptoms of the flu.  But since they did shove that swab up through my nose into my brain and swirled it around, I’m going to figure they knew what they were talking about.  I hope.
Being diagnosed with the flu meant actually needing to get some rest, though.  Which meant I actually needed The Husband to stay home from work to look after the girls – and me.  Which he did.  A very kind and super helpful friend picked Mini Me up for school and brought her home, but The Husband was on duty to get Li’l Bit to and from school, and entertain her while I was trying to rest, then both of the girls once Mini Me was home from school.
He did an excellent job of keeping the girls busy and letting me rest.  Even while he worked from home.  He was awesome at that.
He was not so awesome at being my nurse.
I’m not sure what I expected — certainly it is completely normal for him to lack the maternal instinct that my own mother had, or the oneI have when he’s sick and he does not have to ask for one darn thing since it basically appears as if out of thin air because I am so on top of things when he’s lying there, completely immobile, because he has the flu a cold he sneezed one time.
Bitter, table for one!
So I think that next time, I’m going to have to remember that he is not a mind reader, and just tell him what I want, which is:
  • to be waited on hand and foot.
  • grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and dinner.
  • to have the broth dumped out of the soup before it’s heated, I don’t care how good it is for me.
  • a TV set up in the bedroom so I can watch all the TV I want without having to turn to Playhouse Disney or Nick Jr. even one time.
  • to be treated like a little princess for at least 24 hours.
That’s not too much to ask, is it?


  1. OMG - this was a GREAT post! I don't have children, but my husband is NOT a good nurse. He thinks you can "think away" the sickness and just "feel better" - mind over matter - nonsense!

  2. I'm glad you made it back without being hassled by the TSA!

  3. MMm. grilled cheese.
    Tracie I am so glad you are back!

  4. Not too much to ask, at all! ;)

  5. I hope you are being spoiled by your family and are feeling back to 100% soon! We have some adventure planning to do!

  6. thanks for visiting my blog! i hope you come back and follow!

    allister bee blog

  7. ah! This makes me nervous to want to leave home after graduaton or lose my mother's lovely caregiving advice to replace it with a husband... alas... something to place in the vows ;)

  8. Whoa, I'm still stuck on the coddling from your mom when you were sick. Bitter, table for two--you about your h, me about my mom, lol.

  9. Yey! We are glad that you are back! :)

  10. Vanessa's post reminded me of a YouTube video a friend sent me when I was complaining to her about how the world stops when my husband is sick, but how I still have to fend for myself - and my kids - when I am:

    Welcome back, Tracie!

  11. I want grilled cheese for lunch and dinner even when I'm not sick, and my husband is the BEST grilled cheese maker ever, which sucks for him! LOL