From Tracie: Cat-Kisses and a Movie I Never Actually Watched

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cat-Kisses and a Movie I Never Actually Watched

Today, my wonderful, sweet, loving husband brought home some meltaway Hershey's kisses. They are wonderful and sweet too...and I love them, so they are a good fit for my stomach our home. I portioned out two for each of us after dinner (okay, I'll admit it, I portioned out two for Thomas and Katarina and I ate four) and then hid them away on top of the refrigerator.

Later in the evening I had to have just one more. I reached up above the refrigerator, which is too high for me (hush, short people are awesome) and grabbed the bag.

It ripped down the side.

Chocolate spilled out all over the floor.

First thought: At least they are all individually wrapped, because otherwise I might have a small breakdown.

Second thought: Every single one of those kisses landed upright.

Oooooh they are magic. Or they are cats.

They are Cat-Kisses.

Melting Cat Kisses.

I think I will have nine more to celebrate their catlike-ness.


Last week, KLZ at Taming Insanity (who is currently at Blissdom, but I'm trying not to hold that against her) wrote about how you can improve your Alexa ranking. So I held my breath and looked at my rank.

It was a scary number.

I followed KLZ's instructions Install Toolbar-check. Install Widget-check. Post Frequently-check. It seems to be working. My rank has gone down (in Alexa world, the smaller the number the better) and someone even clicked on that little green box on the right and wrote a review for me. Apparently having reviews is also very important to your Alexa rank.

If you are into stats and things, or you want to increase your traffic, or you like being able to look at everyone else's stats at a glance when you are on their page, you should go check out Alexa.

...and write a review for my site, if you want.
(/shameless begging for reviews)


Thomas and I were flipping through the tv and saw that Sybil was on. I have never seen this movie, but Thomas has mentioned it before, so I started asking him lots of questions.

At which point, he informed me that he has never watched it before.

This was confusing to me, because I know I have heard him talk about it.

At which point, he clarified for me that he has never watched the movie, but he has watched people watch the movie.

At which point, I felt a little creeped out

.....but not as creeped out as I feel having just told a story using the phrase "at which point" three times. Because that is a little weird, right?


I have been seeing this video from blogger and author, Ann Voskamp, all over the place the last couple of weeks. It is absolutely beautiful. I want to read this book!


For the Grandparents: Katarina lost a tooth yesterday. That makes seven. I have yet to capture photographic proof...but trust me, it is gone. 


Now all of my Melting Cat Kisses are gone...and so am I. Happy Friday to you.

If you want to see more blog posts of fragmented fun, go visit Mrs.4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time.

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  1. Yeah I probably should install that alexa rating thing on my blog.
    Can you do that to a blogger blog?
    Those cat kisses sound AMAZING.
    Just like you Tracie.
    KAtarina lost a tooth?
    how much are teeth worth these days?
    Sometimes when I ferget I shell out more.
    Note to self: It is cheaper when I remember...*sigh*

  2. LOL Something new for me to be obsesed with! And now I want chocolate 10x's more than I did 10 mins ago ahhhh!

  3. I must find some cat kisses for myself. I am so intrigued!

    You know, Mini Me has not lost ANY teeth yet. But she has one really wiggly one on the bottom with it's permanent counterpart already poking through, and a wiggly one on the top. Exciting times!

    And. A friend of hers told her that there is no tooth fairy. *sigh*

  4. I'll have to come back and watch the video - I've got a connection speed from the early 80s going on right now. ugh!

    All of them landing on their bottoms? Really? Oh I would have totally eaten them all - they must have been magic, non calorie kisses!

    My Alexa rating is 520,000 - ummm, I don't think that is a low number LOL

    Kristin - The Goat
    via FF

  5. Maybe it was one of Thomas's other personalities that saw "Sybil"? :)

  6. I read that info about Alexa ranking but I'm not techy or popular so I didn't do anything with it.

    Plus, I'm kind of scared to see my ranking. I already have low self-esteem, you now.

  7. those kisses are one of my attempts at watching what goodies i eat. i am supposed to limit myself to one a day, but, yea well not so often does that actually work. my fave is the caramel, woohoo caramel!!

  8. Enjoyed your story about the cat-kisses. Chocolate always gets my attention!

    So, did you like the Sybil movie? It was so fascinating to me, how a person can have so many personalities at once and how sad her childhood was. That really gets me mad when parents abuse their kids.

    Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

  9. Sybil is a movie YOU HAVE TO WATCH. Powerful and painful and poignant but watch the original with Sally Field. The remake sucks horribly..
    Woot woot on the tooth loss and chocolate.

  10. Sybil is a great movie. You are welcome to watch me watch it, if you like.

    I think you need to conduct an experiment with the meltaway kisses. Another bag will be needed so you can drop them and see how many times the land right side up.

  11. So Tracie,
    A quick summary of my thoughts on this post-
    I don't know what Alexa is (not at all surprising!), but I will find out, and the movie Cybil freaks me out, and oh, you crack me up.

  12. Those chocolates sound yummy! It's amazing that they all landed upright. I've been the same way lately with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup minis. I can't stop eating them!

  13. I'm with Unknown Mami, you need to find out if that was a once off fluke or if they'll land right way up all the time!

  14. I have been working on the whole Alexa thing too, nothing more humbling than seeing where you rank in the online worth. Good luck in moving up the ranks!

  15. You have a great idea for another name for the chocolate kisses. Send them you idea and tell them a year supply of kisses would be a fair payment for the cat-kisses idea.
    Was the watching people watch because he worked at a movie theater?

  16. I have only seen the Sally Field version of Sybil. I agree that it is a fabulous movie, but it is too much for me.

    As I started to process my childhood sexual abuse I remembered that this movie had triggered something in me when I saw it in a high school health class. I thought it might help me in my healing and processing. Nope. Not good. It triggered all kinds of things and left me raw and struggling.

    I would suggest only watching it if you are in a very good place emotionally and with someone who makes you feel safe. And keep the phone handy with your therapist's number. Just in case.

  17. I'm with Mami get another bag and try it again. Of course when no one is around!
    I am so brand new with my word press web sight, I'm scared to try anything. I would really like the stat thingy so I just may have to try it out.
    Have a great weekend!

  18. You are too funny! Your cat-kisses sound better than the funny-smelling-scratchy-tongued ones I envisioned!!

  19. I had to laugh out loud: "he has watched people watch the movie." Too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Love how you segmented your post. That was fun! And anyone who loves chocolate that much is my kinda people for sure!

  21. Mmmm..... chocolate....

    Yeah, I think you're going to have to do more testing. Sounds like a science project to me.

  22. Dude, 4 kisses? That is like total deprivation. I don't consider anything less than a dozen kisses a serving size.

    And Sybil is one of those movies that will haunt you for the rest of your life. I would advise you not to watch it, or not to watch people who are watching it.

    And those Hershey kisses are magical, yes.

  23. At which point, I read that portion of your post to Isaac. At which point, he laughed...and at which poiint, he said he was glad you weren't 'missing' anymore and was glad you were 'alive and kicking.' At which point, I told him that he is weirder than Tracie's husband...