From Tracie: Accepting Submissions for the January Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Accepting Submissions for the January Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

***The January Blog Carnival has been posted and you can find it here**

Just a quick reminder that the January Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is this Friday, and the deadline for submitting your links is Wednesday the 26th. Our host this month is Margaret from The World As I See It.

We don't have a theme this month, but all of our usual categories are open:
-Advocacy and Awareness
-Healing and Therapy
-In the News
-Survivor Stories
-Art Therapy


  1. Diana Georgia

    What is the carnival?

  2. You can get more information about it here basically the deal is that every month we have a different blog host and people submit links to their posts and they are all gathered together in the one spot.

    If you check out that link, you will see that at the bottom of the page is a widget with the current issue and next issue host listed and if you click on the second tab (past posts) you will have a listing of links to all the past editions.

  3. Traci,
    I have submitted a post. My name and identity are anonymous at this point. I hope that is okay.

  4. dog-gone it! i missed the deadline! Dealing with anniversary-type issues--my father's birthday is coming up. So, I'm doing double therapy weeks right now and I got distracted. And I HAD been looking at the calendar to make sure I submitted this month. Pooey! :P

    Hey, manager, if you need any BC dot com logistical help, like gettting the edition listed or anything, just let me know, okay?