From Tracie: Letting My Toes Breathe

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Letting My Toes Breathe

This is what summer is all about....
toes in grass


  1. oh what cute toes you have.....Love it! (I wear jeans in the summer too.)

  2. Love this! My toenails are currently gold and sparkly. Hooray for green grass and bare feet and happy blog pics! =D

  3. would you post a picture of unpainted toes? Maybe I should post a foot picture. I'm a nuts (well don't answer that part) to think that there has been an increase in pictures of feet? One of our daughters takes group shots of feet. You have a picture of empty shoes. Next year knee caps?

  4. That looks so wonderful. Love the nail polish.

  5. Tracie,
    And now I'm a little jealous because my nails look awful!

    So, first off, thanks for your prayers and support, that really means a lot to me.

    Second, I've been meaning to email you, and let you know that your post at my place still pretty consistently gets hits. I think one of the reasons is your reference Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and when people google that, often they end up reading about your experience. I've been thinking about how great that is because I love the idea of someone finding your encouraging words by accident, and then ending up here, at your place.

    Hope all is good!

  6. Oh, I agree! Shoes are the WORST!

  7. Truer words were never spoken! LOVE getting a pretty Pedi and wearing summer sandals and flip flops. So comfy and summery! Love it.

  8. Great pedicure. I wouldn't want to post my toes right now.


  9. Hi my name is Jenna. I am the author over at You are a member of my blog frog community, and I am just trying to connect with you!

    I have a french tip manicure with pink instead of white, and blue toesies right now.

  10. Yes!

    For me personally that is what summer is about, without the nail polish though!


    - Prozacblogger

  11. Super cute! I have several pictures of the exact same thing! Erm, I mean with my feet, not yours. That would be creepy. I currently have flowers on my big toes, which would be cute for a pic. You've inspied me!

  12. Tracy (NHS Nurse, UK)October 07, 2011 10:19 PM

    Well, if you want to let your toes breathe, why cover them in nail varnish to hide yellowing & grime?

    No doubt this comment will be "moderated" out. All praise to censorship...