From Tracie: Sleepless Movie Casting

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sleepless Movie Casting

Sometimes Thomas dreams in movies, and wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me about them. But this is not where his imaginary involvement in movies ends...he loves coming up with casts for movies - new movies, old movies, current movies, there is no movie that is safe from his casting commentary.

Thomas discovered that there are people who share his love of fantasy casting for movies, and they put videos with their choices on youtube...and a new hobby has been born.

This is why I spent all of last night, and well into the morning (6:12am to be exact!) teaching him how to make a video on the computer.

Have you read the Sword of Truth books? 

(There was a short-lived tv series that was really awful. Please do not judge the books by the tv show, also don't bother watching the tv show if you happen upon reruns late one night, because your eyes and ears do not deserve that kind of torture.)

What do you think of Thomas' casting picks?   

Also, can someone pass me some coffee? 


  1. Hands you a HUGE cup of coffee.. and I think there are some movies that they put people in and you go seriously. I would have chosen completely different lol

  2. darn it. I've never read the Terry GoodKind books..but with that list of characters your husband suggested...maybe I should....
    Good job Thomas!
    And's 2 double expresso coffees for you...
    You NEED them.

  3. You taught him well! I've never read the books but that cast of characters is definitely inviting!

    And you can have ALL my coffee! :)

  4. What? Everything flew out of my head at the sight of Daniel Craig.

    Great cast. And I just got a new coffee machine. Come on over. I'll press the button.

  5. Eddie and I think Thomas did a pretty good job! We love Katarina as Rachel. Great pick! ;) (Seriously though, great pick! I can SOOOOO see that!) I'm sure Eddie and Thomas could spend hours discussing this topic. I hope Eddie never learns to make those videos! I'll never see him again. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow Tom You're a genius.. I thought the Ewoks might make great mud people..hmm hmm?

  7. Gilmore girls is an obsession of mine. Great selection!!