From Tracie: Moon Navigation Knowledge

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moon Navigation Knowledge

My husband called me the other day to talk about the moon. Not really to talk about the moon - I'm sure there was some other important information he was sharing, but the moon came up. It was a new moon, or a full moon, or a harvest moon....honesty? I don't know. If it looks like a round ball, I call it a full moon. If it looks like anything else, I just call it the moon and move on with my life.

I said as much to Thomas. He told me it was probably okay that I didn't know the moon types, as long as I wasn't planning on becoming a sailor anytime soon.

A sailor? That is pretty much the farthest plan from my mind right now. I think I'll be safe.

Unless....unless he has a boat hidden somewhere that I haven't heard about in our 9 years of marriage. Or a trust fund - one that is about to kick in in the next year or so. If those things are happening, I might change my plans. Sailing could be fun, right?

Do you think I should buy some moon books and start studying up just in case?

Probably not.

This was my Sunday morning five minute stream of consciousness writing. I've dumped my brain, feel free to dump yours with Fadra. 

Can you give me a crash course in moon navigation information just in case I need it? Or stars? (because it occurs to me that star knowledge is really what is needed for navigation) Do you sail? 


  1. Ahhh this was cute. When I see a full moon, I call it that. The other times I just say moon. Half, Quarter, Eclipsed, whatever. I only know for certain what a full moon looks like. :)

  2. I would read up on it just to impress your husband!

  3. Are we married to the same man? Because my husband does this type of thing all the time. A boat hasn't show up yet though.

  4. I don't sail, and although I know some about moon phases and can pick out a few contellations, I think it's safe to say, I wouldn't be a good choice as a sailing companion, lol!

    Good luck with getting that boat!

  5. Right now i am back in the Twilight series, so i'm all about New Moon ;)

  6. Oh I love learning about the moon... My 4yr old actually asked me about the moon the other day. Perhaps it'll be a good homeschool lesson for you and little miss! :D

  7. I call it a full moon too. I had no idea there might be another name for it!

  8. LoL

    Navigating by the stars is what sailors can do generally using a sextant and also when airplanes first took to the skies, navigation was done by the sky. If you are only planning on moving around at night than navigating by the stars is the most effective method as the moon is not always visible. (chuckling) Personally, if I can see the North star than that is a great way to get a bearing on North. Facing it you can use your body as a compass, extend your arms, your right arm points east, your left west and behind you is south. A compass is also a very helpful tool.
    Take a look at this:

    As far as the moon is concerned there are generally phases.

    Harvest moons, blue moons refer to occurrences regarding the moon. Harvest moon is generally when the moon rises as an orange ball, however as it rises further in the sky it returns to the general appearance to which we are accustomed. Blue moons happen when the moon rises twice within the same month.
    We recently had a harvest moon.

  9. I got the Heart! Yay! The cozy is adorable!!

  10. I loved this post!! I'm generally interested in the phases of the moon but not really good at understanding the whole waxing vs. waning thing. And I do pay attention to when it is a full moon because I expect people to act NUTS.