From Tracie: Universal Studios - Bring A Towel

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Universal Studios - Bring A Towel

We spent yesterday at Universal Studios, where we found a fabulous Curious George area with giant books and a cute little town.

Tracie standing behind a giant Curious George Book

I was happily enjoying the giant Curious George book, when I heard........
"Ooooh! Look! What do these holes in the ground do?"

Katarina and Thomas stare at holes in the ground

They shoot water! 

Water shooting out of holes in the ground

"We are just getting a little bit wet, Mom"

What's this? More water! 

Water falls from a balcony

I'm not sure this pictures conveys just how soaked Katarina was 
when we left Curious George-ville.
(clearly jeans are not the proper attire for visiting George)

Katarina is drenched

We poured the water out of her boots, 
and set her boots and socks out in the sun to dry.

It takes a loooonnnngggg time to dry boots and socks in the sun. 

Boots and Socks Drying in the Sun

How did a sock get up there?

Sock hanging from a fan

One sock flew off the fan. The other sock flew off the fan.
But Thomas was not discouraged in his sock-drying efforts. Even when people walked by, pointing and laughing, he kept climbing back up and tying the socks on the fan... 

Thomas hanging socks on a fan

until he finally got them to stay, as Curious George looked on with approval. 

Two socks hanging from a fan

I am happy to report that we weren't kicked out for our improvised sock dryer.
Do you have a funny sock story? I know I'm not the only one! 

*this post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Universal Studios. I'm pretty sure they prefer you drying your socks at home!


  1. BWhahaha that is so something Gene would do.. without a doubt

  2. I am jealous that you live someplace warm enough to be dressed like that, and wet...outside. *sigh*
    Looks like a rad day!

  3. Thinking it must be a WHOLE lot warmer in Florida than it is in Oklahoma! :)

  4. This is so much fun - SO much fun! And so yellow! What a fun day. I'm so happy to see you all enjoying yourselves like this. I live vicariously through your blog sometimes. LOL! =D

    I'm loving the "Curious George looked on with approval" part - I have a feeling Thomas and Eddie and Curious George might get themselves in a lot of trouble if we ever let them hang out together. ;)

    Note to self and Wonder-Twin: Never let the husbands go unsupervised. LOL!!!

  5. Oh my! Thank you for the warning! We are heading to Universal and IOA next month and I know once my kid spots the Curious George area, he will want to play! No rain, snow, ice or ANYTHING will stop him!

    LOVE the sock dryer, that is awesome!

  6. Man, Curious George never approves of my antics - I'm so jealous!

  7. Cute post!

    Getting wet is just half the fun ... getting your socks dry can be just as fun.

  8. Oh I am jealous of the lovely weather you're in!!
    That looks like kiddie heaven. So cute.
    PS: Your blog is just plain adorable.

  9. Too funny! My husband would totally do that too.

    That looks like a cool place!

  10. lol. I LOVE your sock dryer!
    You crack me up. Looks like you had a fun time! I saw the pics on Facebook....:)
    Love ya Tracie.
    Check it out, I blogged on BOTH my blogs I'm not a blog slacker anymore....

  11. I see participation on the show "Survivor" in his future ;->

    Our family visited Universal Studios, CA for the first time last September. What a fantastic place!

  12. What great fun you guys are having. Sock story....We moved my dgt.'s bed yesterday and we found a pile PDF socks bend it. We never knew how they got there and when we asked her about it she said...aliens

  13. How funny to see the socks on the fan. It would have been so uncomfortable to walk around in wet jeans like that but I bet as a kid she didn't care.

  14. Very cool. Love the pictures! Looks like everyone's having fun. Love the sock drying idea!

  15. Hilarious ingenuity. Curious George would be proud.