From Tracie: 90210 Was Not A Cop Show

Sunday, November 20, 2011

90210 Was Not A Cop Show

Thomas and I were flipping through tv channels, when we came across some silly movie on the Sci-Fi Channel (I think it is SyFy now, but I refuse to spell it that way on principle).

This movie (or maybe it was a show, I am not the authority on Sci-Fi channel programming) starred Jason Priestley - thus sparking a conversation wherein Thomas refused to believe Jason Priestley was his name until I looked it up.

"I was right! Jason Priestley."

"Who is he? How do you know his name?"

"Brandon Walsh. 90210." (<---self explanatory, right?)

Thomas stares at me blankly.

"The original 90210........Beverly Hills, 90210!"

"Oh yeah. That. Wasn't that a cop show?"

Generational differences. We have them.

Did you watch 90210? I know I'm not the only one! 


  1. LOL! My husband probably would have said the same thing! I loved Brandon Walsh on 90210! :)

  2. LOL My husband wouldn't have had a clue either.

    On the other hand --- I'm not sure I would have gotten the questions right either.

  3. bwhahaha yeah I know what 90210 is.. I am not that old..

  4. Of course I watched it, although I was younger-way younger- than they were. Also, I hate the new channel spelling and am so completely with you on the refusal to go with them on it.

  5. Hee! Love this! So, so very much! :)

  6. Are you kidding me? I watched every single season. Even after I should have stopped watching. Brenda and Dylan were my favorites. Oh, the memories!

  7. I used to watch that show like a religion...thing is my husband would totally understand because he secretly watched the show too...shhhh...don't tell him I told ya.

  8. I think this is brilliantly inspirational - someone obviously needs to do a cop show version of 90210!

  9. Not only did I watch 90210 but I entered the look alike contest they had on there!!!!

  10. I think I've heard of it...never seen it though.....from your post and the other sounds like it was a good show

  11. Oh yeah, I watched it and I love it.