From Tracie: So The Folks At HLN Think Statutory Rape Is Funny?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So The Folks At HLN Think Statutory Rape Is Funny?

Watching the news sometimes makes me mad, but I do it anyway.

This morning, I watched Morning Express on HLN. A few stories covered:
During the coverage of the trial, Robin Meade had Ryan Smith on the show with her to talk about it. When they were finished with that, she gave a little plug for his new HLN evening show, and asked him what would be happening tonight. He said he would be interviewing an actor from the new movie That's My Boy.

Robin asked Ryan what That's My Boy is about. He told her it was a funny Adam Sandler movie about a guy who had a child when he was young, was a bad father, and is trying to reunite with his son later in life.

I snapped to attention at that description, because he glossed over a very important point - why Adam Sandler becomes a father at a young age. That's My Boy is actually about the statutory rape of a 13-year old boy by his teacher...and then Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg try to make it funny. You can see the trailer on youtube if you want; I'm not going to embed it here.

I probably noticed the omission of the real plot of That's My Boy so pointedly because it happened immediately after they discussed Jerry Sandusky raping young boys.

Tonight I purposefully turned on Evening Express to see the interview. I wanted to see what Ryan Smith and Todd Bridges would say about the movie:
  • They mentioned several times how funny the movie is.
  • They talked about Todd Bridges' life.
  • They talked about how much fun it was for Todd to work on the movie.
What they didn't say about the movie:

If someone wanted to make a comedy about a 13-year old girl who is raped by her teacher and then goes on to (badly) raise the child who is born from that rape, I doubt it would be given the same pass this movie is getting. Or the laughs.

Thanks HLN for taking an opportunity to discuss a serious subject and the inappropriate handing of it in the movie That's My Boy, and using it to glorify the "funny" twice in one day.

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  1. I saw an ad for the movie the other day and it didn't even occur to me to think of it in that light. Makes me sad that society has that much of an imprint on my thinking that while I would automatically call it rape for a girl ... it didn't even occur to me for a boy. Thank you for being a voice for ALL children!

  2. oh my gosh. What is this world coming too. I like some Adam Sandler flicks but I will DEFINITELY NOT be seeing this one. That is wrong!

  3. Good thing I don't even like Adam Sandler. I won't miss it when I choose not to see it because it's based on a horrible premise. Also, a NASCAR driver did something? I almost peed on my couch, BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. I'm crying. My son is currently in a residential treatment center trying to recover from the repeated sexual abuse his adopted father, my ex, did to him over 9 years. Is oral or anal sex rape? I don't know. I do know my son is struggling with even being able to identify himself as a person.

    This is so, so, so sad. Really, all I can do is cry. How could the world see anything other than horror at this?


    1. Yes, oral and anal sex that is forced on someone, or perpetrated on a child, is rape. You can find some information here: and

      I'm so sorry your son is struggling right now. What happened was not his fault.

  5. Thanks for speaking out about this.

  6. I cannot BELIEVE no one spoke up during the writing and filming of this movie. It's DISGUSTING. Men and boy victims have even lower reporting statistics than women and this movie making light of an adult raping a child is only making it harder.

  7. This is SO sad. Movies that make light of these crimes, as you said, reinforce the stereotypes culture already has about rape, and as a survivor, I have a hard time not getting personally upset and set back when it is done in such a way. Thanks for talking about this.

  8. I just watched the trailer-it was even worse than I thought it would be. :(

  9. I hadn't really paid attention to the commercials since it looked stupid. I iPad no idea it was that awful. Not funny at all.

  10. Wow. Just wow. And sadly, people will go and see it. And be entertained. Not classy, honorable people. But people.

  11. I am speechless. How could anyone see this as funny? I felt vomit rise in my throat. And released on Father's Day? Awful...truly awful.