From Tracie: Take Me To Southfork

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Take Me To Southfork

Am I the only one who is crazy excited to see Dallas come back on tv tonight?

I remember late nights of watching this when I was a kid. Sometimes snuggled up on the couch next to my mom, but more often laying on the floor, unnoticed, after sneaking out of bed.
(Shhh! That is a secret, internet-world, don't tell my mom)

There was a summer when they showed the whole series reruns on weekday mornings. I think I saw every episode.

So. Now you know what I'll be doing tonight. What about you?

Did you sneak out of bed to watch your parent's tv when you were a kid? 

*This post has been brought to you by my life-long love of television. 
It was not sponsored by TNT, the city of Dallas, or the Ewings.


  1. I loved Dallas. Oh, and Falcon Crest too.

    Thanks for the reminder. I just set my DVR so I won't miss it.

  2. I didn't sneak out to watch but I remember lying awake listening. Not to Dallas though. By then I was the mom yelling at the sneaky kids to get to bed so I could indulge in my night time obsession!

    I just can't get excited about this return though. Probably won't watch. Sigh ...

  3. Yes I did! I used to watch Saturday Night Live!