From Tracie: 10 Things We Learned From 10 Years Of Marriage

Monday, October 15, 2012

10 Things We Learned From 10 Years Of Marriage

In honor of our third (and final) 10th anniversary, Thomas and I are sharing ten things we have learned in our ten years of marriage.

Tracie Says:
  1. I have learned that healthy people pass gas thirteen times a day.
  2. I have learned which one is Beavis and which one is Butt-head.
  3. I have learned if you tell your in-laws you don't eat collard greens, they will ask you where you are from every time they see you, even though you explain each time that you spent most of your life in the south. 
  4. I have learned how to use a pole saw.
  5. I have learned that man never landed on the moon, and airplanes are too heavy to stay up in the sky. 
  6. I have learned if Michael Scott says something disastrously funny, my husband will repeat it at a restaurant.
    (example: this wine has an oaky afterbirth)
  7. I have learned that putting baby powder on before going to bed will make you sleep more comfortable and feel cooler. 
  8. I have learned that Thrall is the greatest Orc chieftain who ever lived. 
  9. I have learned that lime water is far superior to all other drinks. 
  10. I learned it is possible to talk about the hard things in life when you have someone who loves you unconditionally. I love you Thomas. 
  11. ...and did I leave out?...Husbands create great blogging material. 

Thomas says:
  1. The first rule I ever learned was the Leigh Anne rule: Tracie is always right. And even if I'm right, I'm wrong, unless Tracie says I'm right. If Tracie says it is okay for me to right, then I can be right, but not as right as she is.
  2. I have learned I can't go walking around in public dressed like I don't have a wife. 
  3. I have learned how to treat books - pick them up carefully, sniff, hug, pet, set them down gently, and even read them occasionally.
  4. I have learned that Jane Austen is dead.
  5. I have learned that it takes two people to download something on our computer. And one of them can not be Katarina.
  6. I have learned that it is okay to sing at the top of your lungs in church. (and around the house - while frolicking, skipping, and doing an interpretive dance)
  7. I have learned to be discreet.
  8. I have learned that a Kotex is not a tampon, but a brand name, and a tampon is not a pad, and not all pads are the same (and neither are all bras), and so on and so on, blah, blah, blah. 
  9. I have learned never try to teach Tracie to drive a stick shift unless you are somebody else. Anybody else.
  10. I learned that I would not want to live one day in this world without my wife. I love you Tracie.
  11. ....and did I leave out?..... Lacrosse is the original American sport. 


  1. Awesome lists, happy 10 years!

  2. So sweet and fun! Happy anniversary!

  3. What a great post! I love what you both learned from each other. I feel like I should be counting how many times I pass gas now. . .

  4. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Smiled my entire way through.

  5. Aww Happy Anniversary, these lists are too cute.

  6. I've learned from you two that a successful marriage involves humor, respect and the willingness to suspend belief on account of the other. Happy, happy!


    And I loved your husband's #2 and #3 -- he's a keeper.

  8. As much as I want to gush about how amazing this blog entry is (you KNOW I love you right?)... this is the one thing I keep feeling after reading it - I miss Michael Scott. *frownie face*

  9. So precious, and have the best Aniversary ever. I never made it to ten years with any of my husbands/men so that's a wow. And together you have been through so much. To have him say he loves you publicly is a great honor. May the light of the world bring you all you desire now.

  10. Happy 10 years. This is awesome!!! I must keep this in mind for our big one next year.

  11. What a sweet and Writerly post. Ironically, my first marriage broke apart precisely at our tenth anniversary dinner and it took me another 10 years to learn the lessons in this here post.

  12. Thomas' list has me rolling! Esp #1. That's a pinnable quote right there!

    Happy 10 years to you both. Sounds like you both were made for each other.

  13. I am literally laughing out loud!