From Tracie: The Joy of Greg Gutfeld

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Joy of Greg Gutfeld

We went to a Greg Gutfeld book signing yesterday. My photographer (Thomas) said, "Say Bob Beckle," which elicited this picture:

Greg Gutfeld and Tracie saying Bob Beckel

Greg responded with, "I can only say that name once a day. More than that, and it drains me."

A Happy Greg Gutfeld and Tracie

The Joy of Hate, people. The Joy of Hate.

Also. How is it possible that I'm actually shorter than Greg Gutfeld?
Just once I want to be the tall person in the room.

This is Thomas and a random book tour guy. Both taller than me.

Thomas and Auburn Fan Book Tour Guy
Book Tour Guy informed us he is an Auburn fan, so you can imagine how excited he was to take this picture with Thomas.

We win at book signings.

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  1. How is it that this entire post has escaped me? Greg Gutfeld and Auburn? I'm so out of the literary loop!