From Tracie: Girl Meets World

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Girl Meets World

Boy Meets World is back! Almost.
Boy Meets World - Girl Meets World
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Did you see this tweet from Ben Savage?

The sequel is going to be called Girl Meets World, and will be focused around Cory and Topanga's teen daughter, Riley. It is going to be a Disney Channel show.

I am excited. I am scared.

This is either going to be the most wonderful television moment ever. 
Or the most terrible.

I don't see any middle ground here.

Boy Meets World was my favorite show for many years. I will be really sad if they mess it up.

Danielle Fishel tweeted:

After reading Danielle's Tumblr post, I started to really allow myself to be hopeful that this could be good.
"I promise with the entirety of my heart that we will make GMW with the same honesty, innocence, and intelligence that you learned to expect from BMW."
Oh Danielle, I hope this is true.

I also hope that everybody comes back, at least occasionally. It won't be the same without Rider Strong, Will Friedle, and William Daniels.

Michael Jacobs created Girl Meets World, and will be executive producer. Hopefully he will keep all those Disney Channel writers in line - and not allow them to make Cory and Topanga's daughter into an actress or pop star.

The first time Riley gets on a stage and sings, I'm out.


In related news, this does give me good reason to watch every season of Boy Meets World.

Boy Meets World dvds are now my entire Christmas list.
Go forth and shop (just kidding)(kinda).


It is probably a little ridiculous how emotionally invested I am in this news. But I make no apologies.

Are you excited about Girl Meets World, or a little scared?


  1. I cannot wait to watch this!!!

    1. It is so good to know I'm not alone in my BMW love.

  2. OMG, I loved BMW! I'll give GMW a shot just to see them all grown up.

  3. I have no idea what this is. I'm just hoping it meets your expectations, whatever it os.

    1. This kind of support is why I love you.

      Also, you need to go watch BMW immediately.

  4. Oh lord. That means I will have to watch the Disney Channel and get into this, doesn't it? Side note: I had the BIGGEST crush on Rider Strong when I was a kid. I hope he is still cute. I don't think my poor heart could handle it if he looked like a strung out crackhead child actor or something...

    1. Yes. Yes it does.

      Didn't everyone have a crush on Rider Strong? I think it was a required thing for girls our age.

  5. Yup... I'm jumping on the Bandwagon here. (See what I did there?) Totally had a crush on Rider Strong. But I had a soft sport for the geeky, slightly clueless, meaning-well Cory. And I wanted to BE Topanga.

    Damn you Disney Channel, you will suck me in, I know it.

  6. I've maybe seen 1.5 episodes of the show so I don't really know how great a show it is but I hope you enjoy the new series!

  7. I never watched the show because, well, I'm old. But I totally support the giddiness that comes with a dearly loved show coming back to teevee and would watch every episode if one did. You hearing this, House, M.D.?

  8. Shut your way! That just made my day. I loved that show!!

  9. Okay, so I have to quietly admit I only watched a couple of Boy Meets World episodes, but I'm rooting for the show. I was very fond of his brother, Fred, and The Wonder Years. So I hope it goes well! (And thank you for the sweet comment my way, T!)

  10. It's so strange. I have no TV and I've never seen this show, but I hope it all works out and the show's a success. I love reunions of old shows.