From Tracie: What Do You Do When You Don't Have Access To The Internet?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What Do You Do When You Don't Have Access To The Internet?

I remember (in the dark ages of blogging - circa 2006) when everyone would write a post on Monday detailing all the things they had done over the weekend. We would all log in on Monday morning to catch up with our friends. It was newsy - like sitting around a table in a coffee shop together. Minus the coffee and the often obnoxious music.

This is going to be one of those posts. Sit down at the table, pull your cup of coffee (or tea) close, grab a few cookies, and let's catch up. My computer had a slight breakdown last Monday, and I have been without computer or internet since then. It will hopefully be up and running soon. This is what I have been doing while I wait for it to be fixed...

What do you do when you can not use your computer or internet?
- Read more books than usual (this is not a bad thing).
- Watch the entire series of As Time Goes By. Twice.
- Watch Dr. Who.
- Let your daughter give you a fancy, cat hairstyle.
Cat Hairstyle
- Read more chapters out loud to your daughter than usual.
- Agree to read books out loud to your husband in the evenings.
- Find yourself losing your voice because of so much reading aloud.
- Read more.
- Watch Cranford.
- Watch episodes of the original Star Trek.
- Be thankful for the library which makes all of this free DVD watching possible.
- Watch way too much news.
- Compose blog posts in your mind about said news stories.
- Think of a dozen things you would like google search, but can't.
- Make a list of those things. Lose the list. Start another list. Lose that list.
- Give up on lists.
- Spend three hours braiding your daughter's hair, so it will look crimpy the next day.
Katarina with fancy hair
- Read another book.
- Think about how you would like to update your Goodreads to reflect all of this extra reading.
- Sneer at the tv when the news reporter asks you to tweet your opinion about an important story.
- Talk in short sentences to a bird that is chirping outside of your window, to see if it feels like tweeting. It doesn't.
- Marvel at the fact your mother has spent more time on social media in the last week than you have.
- Feel emotional when Candy Crush commercials come on tv.
- Eat all of the cookies in your pantry.
- Clean everything in sight.
- Watch episodes of Black Adder. Feel disappointed that it is not that great.
- Watch more episodes of original Star Trek.
- Read another book.

In other news, this is the view outside of my window:
Palm Tree Against Blue Sky
It is hard to be unhappy when you walk outside, and see a beautiful blue sky like that sitting above you.

What do you do when you are separated from the internet for a long period of time?
(I need suggestions to help me make it through the rest of this week)
(a week is a long period of time when you think of it in internet hours)


  1. Lord I would have been pulling out my hair.. period..

  2. Hi Tracie, you have such a great sense of humor. When I want an internet break, I bake a cake. A week is a long time in internet hours because information moves so fast on the web that yesterday's news was, well, so yesterday. Cheers, Lynn

  3. Cry. Then find a book.
    Play non-internet games on my phone continuously. Use the internet on my phone when it's working. (Different providers, but phone gets minimal reception.)
    Give the dog extra walks.
    Eat a lot.
    Stare at the housework and wonder if you wait it out long enough, will it do itself?
    Realise it won't but stare it down still anyway.
    Do some cleaning/housework that really doesn't need doing and continue ignoring what does.
    Take to my crafts room with a DVD or two (unless it's being used as a guest room, in which case, stare longingly at closed door of craft room.)
    Annoy the dog. The one who was trying to sleep, thank-you-very-much.
    Train the dog.
    Poke at the computer to see if maybe the internet is working again now?
    Read more. Consume entire libraries.
    Text people and ask if you're missing anything exciting on the internet.
    Find old childhood toys and play with them. Be amused for ten minutes by a singing and clapping giraffe.
    See if I can convince the other half to play board games.
    Check the internet again. Cry more.

    Continue ad nauseum. ;)

  4. Ok, you have remained sane w/o the internet so that is very good! :) I would be FLIPPING OUT. LOL! LOVE the cat hair, that's a very good look for you. :) Reading and running are 2 things I'd do a LOT of w/o the internet. :)

  5. Being without the internet would be the WORST. Seriously, bravo to you for surviving...especially without Candy Crush! My computer broke last summer, and I had to rely on my hubby's laptop. It was not enjoyable and like you I wound up reading a ton!-Ashley

  6. Since they blocked a lot of things at work on the internet, my Kindle has been my best friend :)

    At least I an still get to Goodreads :)

  7. Haha! I'm always amazed at how much time I seem to have when I don't have access to the internet ;) Cranford is awesome--as are many of the other activities you did, including crazy cat hair ;)

  8. I passed Thomas in Candy Crush! Which totally required internet access. I just wanted to say, "nah nah nah nah nah!" LOL!

    Bake brownies ... except you don't bake!

    When you do have access to the web again ... check out this blog planner (confession ... this is an affiliate link) . I think it would make organizing your inspirations much easier!

    Send snail mail letters to your friends.

    Write a book (by hand).

    Go on a yellow treasure hunt.

    Dance in the rain! (Or sunshine.)

  9. I don't know if I can survive and funny thing is I only became addicted about 2 years ago. I think if I at least have it on my phone I will be okay. I hate missing emails because that is how I communicate these days you catch people easier. I think reading a good book is great or trying a new dish in the kitchen. I think when my internet was out one time I watched a lot of of older movies.

  10. i didn't have internet yesterday and that was frustrating (but short).

    I like the two hairdos honestly!

    And I love Cranford. :-)

  11. Great list. When we visit my father-in-law who live in countryside, I always trapped in a boredom. There's no internet connection and I don't know what to do with my time. We planning to visit him again this coming school break. Thanks for the ideas. You just save my life. :)