From Tracie: I Was An Almost-Librarian

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Was An Almost-Librarian

I am at Melt into the Text today, the amazing SuperTeala's blog, telling you about the time I was an almost-librarian.

The summer before fifth grade was one of the best summers of my life. It was the year my school decided to rearrange the library, sell a large amount of old books, and bring in an even larger amount of new books. All of those new books needed to be cataloged, have card holders glued into the front covers, and be shelved appropriately...

Visit Melt into the Text to read about my summer as an almost-librarian.

You will want to click around while you are there, and get to know Teala. She is amazing. And she has some exciting library plans of her own. You will love her. I promise.

Do you have a special library memory?


  1. I used to adore the library growing up! Off to read right now! :)-Ashley

  2. I used to want to be a librarian. I was my 4th grade class librarian and spent my recesses blissfully rearranging the books.