From Tracie: What I Know Right Now

Monday, October 14, 2013

What I Know Right Now

When my mind is busy and full, it is hard to find the words that slip back into the dark corners, waiting for quiet to fall before they show themselves. Those words will stay in their comfy corners until they are ready to come out. That is where most of my words are today. Hiding. Waiting. Still deciding in which order to line up on the screen.

Until the words decide to show themselves, I will tell you what I know right now...

If I had a pet, I would be one of those people who takes endless pictures to put online. Sometimes there would be props and captions. This is either a really good reason to get a pet, or a sign that you should all be really happy I do not have one.

Raisins should always be covered in chocolate, and potato chips without dip are sad.

There are still businesses out there that have a busy signal when you call. They may or may not exist for the purpose of hiring someone to sneak into your friend's yard in the middle of the night to leave 50 flamingos as a birthday announcement.

The dishes will not do themselves.

I love fall (a lot), but there are people who love fall even more than me, and those people all hang out together on Pinterest. Related Information: I had a dream about a s'mores bar last night. There were twinkle lights in the trees, and crunchy yellow and red leaves everywhere.

Time spent in prayer is never time wasted. When people say, "Prayer changes things," what they usually mean is, "Prayer changes the hearts of those who pray."

The beginning of a new week is a beautiful thing.
I hope yours is already off to an awesome start.


  1. I feel ya, my dear. I also have words hiding away. They're being sneaky little things. I don't think they learned the proper rules of Hide & Seek. Which is just rude, really.
    And I'm one of those people who's loving fall more than is probably healthy. Or maybe it's perfectly healthy. Either way, I'm not questioning it.
    I love you more than s'mores and pretty leaves and the smell of damp earth.

  2. Love how you approached this post Tracie. Thanks for sharing dear one....

  3. Raisins should always ALWAYS be covered in chocolate. That is just truth. You even do great posts when the words aren't coming easily for you. That's the sign of a good writer! --Lisa

  4. I believe in dip so much, that if we don't have any, I dip my potato chips in plain sour cream. It's pretty good since it's a normal dip base. I sometimes add garlic and then it gets great.
    I love the idea of praying changing our hearts.

  5. I agree with you thought on raisins and chips - wholeheartedly. :)
    I hope your week is great, too.

  6. Raisins covered in chocolate still feel healthy to me :)

  7. Vegetables, many anyway, ought to be covered in cheese. And it's true, an undipped chip is a sad chip indeed.

  8. Almonds should also be covered in chocolate...and maybe cashews too