From Tracie: Craft

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


She will tell you how much they all deserve to be hated - the family that moved on without a thought for her, the former boss for whom she couldn't work another day, and the friend who longer calls or picks up the phone.

"I don't care. It isn't like I even enjoyed spending time with those people, really. They were all a little messed up."

"I'm better off without that family. I didn't want to go to that wedding. Did you see the ridiculous invitations? What about the dress? Do you remember..."

"That wasn't a great job. Did you know...."

"People move on. Friendships die. She was always a little annoying. Last year..."

"I'm so much happier now."

She tells her anecdotes loudly, with a laugh. Hoping you will laugh with her. Hoping you will take her side in this game where there are no winners.

She weaves a good story, but her craft is lost on everyone around her. No one looking at her face can miss the hurt or the ashy smell of jealousy oozing out of her. She believes her own lies, but we all see a sad girl.

Pain badly masked by words of hate.

Trifecta Writing Challenge

Trifecta Writing Prompt
33-333 words, including the 3rd definition of craft.
Craft: skill in deceiving to gain an end
<used craft and guile to close the deal>

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  1. Whoa. Powerful words, my friend. I like this a lot.

  2. I sadly know people like this. Never able to see their role in a bad situation or relationship.

  3. As always, your words paint such a clear picture. I know this girl, have known her. Have been her at one time.
    I love your writing, always.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if peeps can see the truth on my face when I smile and nod. Great work!

  5. I've known people much like this. Tried to avoid them, but still managed to get wrapped into a few conversations anyway.

  6. I think I know one of these in every aspect of my life: family, work, friends. Absolutely unaware of what downers they are.
    Ashy smell of jealousy - great description.

  7. What a realistic picture you drew of a person we all have seen,known or met at one time or the other!Sadly,these kind of talk only makes other run away-no one likes people who whine or wallow in self -pity!Well written:-)

  8. "Pain badly masked by words of hate." So insightful. I try to remember this is probably the case when I'm confronted with a person like this. Sad. --Lisa

  9. Yeah see that is where I am right now. Except I am having it rubbed in my face daily since my sister moved behind me into Mom's house. Every time I think they cannot shock, hurt or pain me with their words or treatment of me and mine they prove me wrong... every single time.

  10. did a great job with this. And I definitely know people like this!

  11. Oh God, it's like you went into my family/friend history and stole whole portions. I related to this so much.

    I love the last line. Good work, tracie

  12. Ashy smell of jealousy is a killer line.

  13. Good one, Tracie. I think I've been that girl some days.