From Tracie: Pink Batgirl and Eating My Way To The Dentist

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Pink Batgirl and Eating My Way To The Dentist

It has been November for five days now, so most of you are probably already comfortable with the new month. But I've been busy. I've been avoiding calendars. I've been trying to figure out what the fox says (that is a full-time job). It feels like November snuck up and pulled the October chair right out from under me.

But I am going to get November back by participating in NaBloPoMo. We are going to ignore the fact that I missed the first three days of NaBloPoMo, and I'm going to skip right ahead to getting you all caught up on November with a recap of my last weekend.

("My last weekend" makes it sound like I died at the end. Spoiler alert: I did not die, and I intend to have another weekend in just a few days.)

Katarina and I stayed at a friend's house last week. We did Halloween with her family, and Katarina was Pink Batgirl. The pinkiest Pink Batgirl you have ever seen. And then there was candy.

Pink Batgirl Costume

We ate Mexican food at El Potro for lunch on Friday. It was awesome.

We visited the library on Friday evening. While there, I found a movie based on the first Mandie Book, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. Katarina has read a few of the series, and they were some of my favorite books when I was a kid, so we are hoping the movie does justice to the story.

We jumped at Airheads on Saturday. Actually the kids jumped. I ate a lot of pizza, and nachos, and buffalo chicken strips. Airheads has good food. The jumping is pretty awesome, too.

On Sunday, Thomas and I were blessed by the wonderful people at the Dental Care Access Foundation with free dental care. I had two fillings and a molar extraction. It was amazing. It was also painful. Partly because I had two fillings and an extraction, but mostly because Novocain doesn't work on me. I felt every second of the procedures. But the dentist who did my work was awesome, and he was as gentle as a person could possibly be while yanking a molar out of someone's mouth.

(Sidenote: The amazing dentist who took care of me on Sunday looked even younger than Katarina's dentist. Second Sidenote: I saw Katarina's dentist volunteering his time while I was there, even though the event was not at his dentist office by the bar.)

I'm happy I did all of that eating over the weekend, because for the past two days I've been eating very little while I wait for my mouth to heal. We did have a small comedy of errors last night when Thomas and I decided to pick up sandwiches from Wawa for dinner (Have I told you about my love for Wawa? I love it so very much), only to get home and find that I wasn't able to open my mouth wide enough to eat said sandwich. It was a little sad. I had Reese's Peanut Butter cups for dinner instead, which cheered me up considerably.

So now you are all caught up on my November. And you have seen Pink Batgirl. That seems like a good start to NaBloPoMo to me.

NaBloPoMo November 2013

One last thing. My friend Tia at Becomin' Neurotic is focusing on a Month of Positivity for November. She is talking about self care, gratitude, and all things positive. Last month I participated in #PostPositive, and it was amazing to see what a difference it made to be intentional about positive things, and be surrounded by people (especially on social media) who are doing the same, even if just for one day.

Month Of Positivity

In honor of Tia's Month of Positivity, I'm going to share one small but positive thing from my day. The cable guy showed up at the hotel this morning, and brought us a new box/sensor for the tv. We now have extra channels, including the Hallmark Channel, which I have been missing for a couple of years, and two channels that seem to only play old shows (think classic Nick at Nite, or TV Land before they decided to create their own content). If you need me today, I will be watching reruns of F-Troop, Green Acres, Mr. Ed, and Dragnet. It is a beautiful day - at least, it is inside my tv.

Happy November!

What are you eating/watching/reading/loving today?

*Nothing in this post was sponsored. I just happened to have a busy weekend doing a lot of things that I was able to link I did.


  1. So do you live in a residence hotel type place? And if so ... how much would they charge one of your crazy friends for a week if she came for a visit?

    Katarina is adorable as always!

  2. First of all, Pink Bat Girl is AWESOME. I love it!!
    The tooth thing sounds awful...novocaine doesn't work on you?! GAH!!

    I have never heard of Wawa. I suspect I've just never lived in a place with them? Whatever it is, it sounds awesome. (just from the name alone). I can tell I am missing out!! --Lisa

    1. Wawa is a gas station, but they also have food that you order through a computer. It is quite fun. And they have really good doughnuts - not quite Krispy Kreme good, but better than Dunkin' Donuts good. You are definitely missing out.

    2. Wawa sounds like Sheetz. Lisa, do you guys have Sheetz in CLT?

  3. I love the attitude on her face and what is Wawa? Is it really better than Reese's cups for dinner?

    I finally got What does the fox say out of my head...thank you for that ;)

    1. Nothing is really better than Reese's cups for dinner.

      I'm happy to help with all your fox talking needs.

  4. Katarina is so cool. It makes me happy to imagine Scarlet as a ten-year-old. I hope she's cool.
    Second, Wawa is amazing. We don't have them up here but I frequented them often in Jersey.
    Third, Novocain doesn't work on my mom either! It can be tough for her. The dentist told her it's in a very small percentage of patients. (and people!)

    1. You are so sweet. I'm sure Scarlet will be cool. She has it in her.

      Now that I've spent a year living by a Wawa, I would be sad to move away from them.

      I feel your mom's pain. Literally.

  5. I think Pink Batgirl rocks and dental surgery sucks. I can't handle the happy gas it makes me sick and the thought of the pain meds make me have a panic attack. I desperately need work, we won't discuss that.

    1. I've never had the gas before, but I had a dentist tell me a few years ago that I should ask for it. It wasn't an option this time, though. I'm taking ibuprofen like it is going out of style right now.

  6. I have so much to say about this post.

    1. Why are you embarrassed to admit you stayed with me by name?
    2. I refuse to participate in things that are all letters that don't make real words.
    3. I refuse to participate in anything that makes me positive all month long, that's no fun for anyone.
    4. I'm tired.


    1. 1. This is what happens when I write early in the morning while in pain.
      2. Come on. You know you want to enter the world of letters with me.
      3. You are more positive than you think you are....I'm positive of that.
      4. I'm tired, too.


  7. I need to get on Tia's positivity kick. Big time.

    Dentist stuff scares me. I am long overdue. Also? Never took the kiddo to one. My one (ha!) motherhood mega-fail.

    This did make me smile, though, because Reese's PB cups just plain rock. xo

  8. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate dental issues. I've had my share of them so when I hear someone else having them, I have flash backs!

    That is the CUTEST Batgirl costume EVER! loving the pink!

  9. I'm so very sorry you're in pain, that makes me sad. I love Pink Batgirl nearly as much as I love you. I need to see your smiling faces just as soon as you can smile without pain.
    Also, HUGE thanks for the shoutout!! And Lee- It's more about looking for the gratitude in each day. I live with chronic pain, and spending November thanking the people and things that make my life easier helps to re-center me. I'm FAR from positive every day. I'm just looking for the things that make me smile.
    I'm happy to have any of Tracie's readers join me!

  10. I recommend gas, as Novocain doesn't work on me either. But since I've avoided the dentist for the last (approximately) ten years, I probably shouldn't give advice. Hope you feel better soon. I am grouchy lately, but Pink Batgirl made me smile. Thank you.

  11. I am always eating my way to the dentist in fact the dentist is a stop before I get to the undertaker................yeah I am sure I am going to die of something one day in around 45-50 years from