From Tracie: My Cartwheel Is Worse Than Yours

Monday, December 16, 2013

My Cartwheel Is Worse Than Yours

Sometimes when you are wearing a yellow jacket, and you are standing in front of a bookstore, the joy becomes overwhelming, and you just have to do a cartwheel.

If you are like me, that cartwheel won't be very good, but it will be a lot of fun.

I love cartwheels.

Normally I stay away from things I can not do well (like mini-golf), but cartwheels are the exception. I do not care how bad my cartwheel is; I will cartwheel without shame at any moment of extreme happiness.

Challenge: Do one thing this week that makes you happy - even if you can't do it well.

It is good for the soul, and you might even get better at whatever it is you are trying to do. That hasn't worked for my cartwheels yet, but I am still holding out hope that one day it will. Until that day comes, I will just enjoy embarrassing my family at the mall.

Are you taking on my challenge? What will you be doing this week? 
You get bonus points if you video yourself doing a cartwheel that is better than mine!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Reminds me of an old colleague who used to do cartwheels down the corridor at work!

  2. I love it! Isn't it so much fun to just be goofy like that? I haven't tried a cartwheel in a longgggg time! I do things like that and my adult children just shake their heads. They accepted a long time ago that I am impulsive and don't mind embarrassing myself or doing something crazy and fun no matter what others think! : )

  3. You are so cute!!! :) I love the arm flare with it :) ... but I guarantee, mine is worse :)

  4. I really want to cartwheel now - it's probably been 20 years since I did one, though. I wonder if doing it in the snow will make it less painful when I invariably crash onto my head? By the way, the simple fact that you can do one on a hard surface proves that you're pretty good at them. Reading your blog always makes me so happy.

  5. As a former gymnast, I love cartwheels and would totally cartwheel through the mall if it were socially acceptable. And as a former coach, I can say I've definitely seen worse cartwheels!

  6. Actually, I think you did a great job. I've never been able to do a full cartwheel. A gymnast neighbor once taught me and I think I got about 75% of one, but I never tried again.
    Shame on me!

  7. Much like my pure awesomeness, there is no bra on earth that can harness my breasts so that I can do a cartwheel much less in public.


  8. That you can cartwheel at all is fantastic! And I think it looks wonderful!
    I wouldn;t be able to do that now or ever---not even when I was spry....! It is gift I don'thave the talent for---But you really do! CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. I'm totally impressed you did the cartwheel, recorded it AND put it on Youtube. I would love to take your challenge...I'll need to think about what to do. And if I attempted a cartwheel I would probably seriously hurt my-soon-to-be-54- year-old-self.

  10. I think that's a really good attempt! I can't even pull that off.

    Love the challenge!

  11. Loooove this! :-)

    I must be the worst cartwheeler ever! I know someone in her fifties who cartwheels on every single birthday.

  12. I have hilarious video of my husband and two friends trying to do cartwheels. It is a disaster. I didn't even try, but now I might! Stopping by from SITS Sharefest.