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Friday, January 24, 2014

Dreaming Of Spain

Even though we don't get a lot of winter in Florida, the winter season still lends itself to daydreams of summer and traveling.

Today I am dreaming about a trip to Spain. Like all vacation planning, Spain holidays can be enjoyed at a fair price if you book in advance. Which is why I am dreaming now - far in advance. Because one day I plan to leave North America, and I would love for Spain to be a part of that trip.

Things I Want To Do In Spain
Visit the beach. There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Spain. We are beach snobs in my family. Growing up in Pensacola, will do that to you. I was excited to see that the beaches in Fuerteventura’s southwest peninsula have beautiful white sand. The beaches in Ria de Vigo, Galicia are also beautiful, and they allow camping on the beach, which is something Thomas would really enjoy.

Hike up a mountain. I wouldn't hike up a huge mountain, that is just not my thing, but there are some peaks in Spain that might work for me. I'm especially interested in Monte Toro, which has a Franciscan convent and a 17th-century Renaissance church at the top that I would love to see. I would also like to visit the Rock of Gibraltar.

Shop and eat. No trip is complete without a little shopping, and Spain is a wonderful place to do it. In between shops, I imagine myself stopping at little cafes and eating tapas all day long. And I want to try Crema Catalana.  I might need to plan on more hiking than I usually would do to work off all the food I intend to eat. And the wine.

Soak up history. Spain is full of history. From the Alcazaba and Cathedral in Malaga, to the Picasso Museum in MalagueƱos, there are lots of opportunities to observe art, architecture, gardens and archaeological discoveries.

I think all these things would add up to a perfect vacation.

Have you been to Spain?
What are your recommendations for the perfect Spanish holiday?

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  1. Yes, I've been to Spain! We went for Thanksgiving last year. Did you see my pics?

    I absolutely recommend Seville. YOU MUST GO THERE. It's amazing. I can't express it adequately - just go.

    Madrid was cool, although I hear better things about Barcelona. The food was fabulous in Madrid and it was fairly easy to get around. We didn't make it to any museums but those are supposed to be awesome in Madrid.

    Mmmm, now I want tapas...