From Tracie: Saturday of Thankfulness

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday of Thankfulness

My friend Lizzi compiles a list of ten things she is thankful for each week. Even on the hard weeks, or maybe I should say especially on the hard weeks, Lizzi is there with her list of thanks. I love that. I need more intentional thankfulness in my life and in my writing.

So today I am going to link up with Lizzi and her thankfulness. And I am going to remember that there are things for which I am very thankful.

1. The sunlight that streams in through the window. And the curtains that hold it out on mornings when I want to sleep in.

2. Writing like this from my friend Alexandra at Good Day Regular People, where she explains her one-household revolution in the way society treats women, what happens to magazines that find their way into her home, and how she teaches her boys about unacceptable portrayals of women in media by her actions.

3. That the person who scraped and stole content from hundreds of blogs and websites earlier this week (including mine) was shut down.

4. Books that arrive in the mail. This week it was Mommy Memoirs from Ann Van De Water that landed in my post office box, and has given me cause to laugh and think.

5. Bible studies emailed to me each morning, that will touch my heart if only I take the time to read and study with them.

6. Chocolate doughnuts and coffee early on a Saturday morning. Lovingly delivered by my husband before he left for work.

7. British television, arriving on my tv by way of library DVDs. This week I'm loving Cadfael, and rewatching Cranford. I snuck in a little As Time Goes By, too.

8. Rainbow loom bracelets and charms and headbands, and a storage case for all those tiny rubber bands.

Rainbow Loom Bands Storage Case

Creating new things with the loom has been a great distraction for Katarina the last two weeks as she works through her feelings and grief.

9. All the people who stepped in, and helped me finish tasks and work while I took time off to be with my family. It is a blessing to be so supported.

10. Laughter. And reasons to laugh. And hearing Thomas and Katarina laugh, especially after a time of so many tears.

Ten Things of Thankful

What are you thankful for today?


  1. So true about sunlight and curtains - it's wonderful when you want it there, but curtains are a blessing, too, when you just need the darkness and some sleep!

    Sorry to know you've had a rough time - I read Judy's story. I wish you all peace. So good to know there are people around you to hold you up and support you - that makes all the difference.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. It's so hard to be thankful sometimes, especially in the midst of the bitterness of loss. Thank you for linking up with us, Tracie - this list is a testament to your determined spirit.

    I'm glad that the loom is helping Katerina. The colours in the picture are so beautiful, I imagine it's very cheering and soothing to use.

    I like your 5th. But don't take the time. I resent the time spent, which I know isn't a good attitude at all to have.

  3. Great post. I'm sorry for your loss, you and Judy are brave to share he r story.I love this list. Doing mine , it's like a vitamin for my soul. You are so strong to share this list at this time.

  4. My birthday girl who just turned 13 loves the rainbow loom stuff, she made me a pretty purple and pink band =) AND my friend who is 40 is also obsessed with it and makes bracelets like a crazy woman. lol
    I love #10 :)

  5. Welcome to the TToT,Tracie. I hope you find it cathartic to list things for which you are thankful. I know I do.
    Those rainbow loom bracelets are really popular right now, but I am glad that my daughter is too old for them, because, knowing her, there would be little colorful rubberbands all over the house in spite of a nifty storage case like the one your daughter has. I'm glad it's taking her mind off her sorrow.
    I listed doughnuts on my TToT this week, too! Great minds....

  6. Oh lord, I can't even imagine getting hacked. You just reminded me to do a back up. Worst nightmare.
    And the hubs brings you a coffee and donut? What the? Can he stop by Canada on the way??

  7. Please let me start by saying I am so sorry for your loss. I am new to your blog and went back to read a little. My heart truly goes out to you and your family.
    I'm so very glad that you are here today. This is a wonderful place to be, even in the hard times when we don't feel like we can be.
    I am an early riser and most mornings I have the pleasure of seeing the sun rise and stream through. It is one of the best parts of my day.
    Having your blog hacked had to have been a nightmare. I don't understand people. I really, really don't. I'm happy to hear that the culprit is shut down.
    Rainbow Loom! What an invention! I have acquired quite the collection of bracelets from my kids. They go on YouTube to learn how to do all kinds of new patterns!

  8. So sorry for your loss and praying continued comfort as you face this week. This was a beautiful and brave thankful list.

    Sunshine and curtains are one of my favorite things. The bracelet making loom looks like a beautiful soothing thing to do. Glad to hear the hacker was caught. I need to figure out the backup thing.

  9. I am glad you and your family are finding tools and strategies to help deal with your grief. This is a great place to be to work through things.
    I, too, love the morning light.

  10. I heart British tv shows, too, but my hard-of-hearing hubby struggles to understand the dialogue, so I don't get to watch them as much as I used to.
    I loved your #1. The way you wrote it was lovely.

  11. This really is a great linkup! So glad you joined in this week! It can be difficult to find little things each week, but I'm getting better at it. Usually, I just say I'm thankful for everything, but now, it's grown even more because I find joy in even the little things I mention. I get little daily words each day which are pretty nice. I don't stress about spending time with God since I'm a wife and momma now. I usually find moments in the day or mornings when everyone is asleep which are always nice quiet moments :) I love your first thankful. Sounds so beautiful. :)

  12. First, I'm so very sorry for your loss. My biological mother just had a double mascetomy - so scary...sending hugs and prayers to you and your family and am happy to hear that Katrina is enjoying the looms so much.
    Yay for laughter! And I hadn't heard of the person who had taken a bunch of blog content - such a creepy thing.

  13. Oh Tracie... I just love this. I have been thinking about you and praying for you!! Now is the BEST time to take that precious moment to read those bible studies- to nourish and encourage your beautiful grief-stricken heart. Allow God to minister to you, okay?

    Who stole WHAT where??!!! I missed out on this one! ACK! Not. Good. :(