From Tracie: A Lady in France

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Lady in France

I like memoirs, movies based on true stories, and biographies. The complicated simplicity of real lives. That is one of the first things that drew me to blogging - being able to read the big and small pieces of people's lives. A few years ago, I found Jennie Goutet from A Lady In France, and I've been reading her words ever since.

A Lady In France Book CoverI plan to read more non-fiction in my book reading as well as my online reading in 2014, so the timing was perfect when Jennie's memoir came out at the end of last year. I ordered it immediately, and waited impatiently for it to arrive.

A Lady In France was a book I could have easily read in one sitting. Jennie's writing is beautiful, and her story is interesting. But instead I found myself setting it down every couple of chapters, because I wanted space to think about it, to breathe, to savor her words, to really be there in the moments she shares.

Reading Jennie's story is a little like taking a trip. You get to travel to New York, Asia, France, and Africa. But it is more than just a collection of travels. She opens up, and really allows you to know her feelings as she experiences great loss, deals with addiction and mental health issues, finds love, embraces and grows in faith, and builds a home and family. And through all of it, it is Jennie's heart that shines through, and makes you want to turn to the next chapter.

By the end of the book I had cried and laughed with Jennie.
Her words and story touched my heart and encouraged me.

I know most of us have ridiculously long lists of books to read, and not nearly enough time to read them all. Maybe you aren't looking to add to your reading list, at least not very hard. I understand. But I have to tell you, A Lady In France is worth your time. Don't just add it to your list; move it to the top. You won't be sorry.

*A Lady In France is available in Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon. I don't get anything if you buy it, and I'm not being compensated for this post (I didn't even get a free copy of the book) - I just wanted to pass on a good thing from a friend, because I believe her words will bless you.


  1. Oh shoot, my darling Tracie, if I had thought to ask you for a review sooner I would have SENT you the book!

    I can't thank you enough for this review. I also feel like I want to take time and savour it's encouragement and sincerity. Love you!!!

    1. Oh Jennie, don't even worry about it. I was so very excited to read it, I was happy to buy it.

      You are very welcome. I enjoyed your book, and it really did touch my heart. I've already put it on my "read again" list.

      Love you!!

  2. I cannot read her book. I was so proud of her when she buckled down and wrote it. Her voice put into words is so beautiful .

  3. Oh wow no kidding on an impossibly ever adding-to list of books! All of my blogging is non-fiction stories (when I write a story that is vs a food post, Top 10, etc) and I'm sooo with you on true life stories Tracie! Argh, that name Jennie Goutet is driving me crazy with familiarity. Hang on. Ah ha! Looked it up, Sunshine After the Storm. I'm almost positive that is the book a girlfriend of mine at work read and fell in love with. Good post :)

  4. I love everything you wrote here, Tracie!
    Jennie is truly lovely, and her book was amazing.

  5. This book sounds like a must read. I love reading her blog.

  6. Oh, I'll have to try this. I love books about living in different places!