From Tracie: I Am Not Stealing This Cute Puppy

Friday, January 10, 2014

I Am Not Stealing This Cute Puppy

I've learned something this week: everything is more fun when you do it with a puppy beside you. There are probably famous quotes from famous dog-loving people that would confirm this. At least one of them probably mentions smoking a pipe, and I'm sure several of them also discuss the joys of reading.

There is something about having a puppy sitting in my lap while I am reading a book that makes me think of pipes and cups of tea. Not that I have ever smoked a pipe. I do love a good cup of tea, though.

Puppies also make good writing companions, until they try to chew on the laptop cord. 

We are visiting my friend Lee this week, and her family has a new puppy.

Katarina and Comix

I am going to have to check Katarina's suitcase to make sure she doesn't have a stowaway when we leave.

Or maybe not.

Is "cuteness of puppy" a mitigating circumstance that will get your dog theft sentence reduced? Because I might not check that suitcase very carefully if it is.


  1. I really need a puppy. Once I got one as a surprise gift. That of the biggest gifts of my life.

  2. So sweet! I'd love a puppy for about a week.

  3. You do NOT need a puppy. Trust me on this. I have always had dogs. Dogs that were rescues and happy to have a home. Then two winters ago I had the brilliant idea to get a puppy. Two years later he STILL thinks he is a lap dog. He eats all of Abby's Barbies.

    But he loves Boo. And she loves him so we continue to love him.

    THen I clean up the 100 lbs of dog hair and think holy crap what was I thinking :)

  4. I love puppies, usually when they belong to someone else, and then they become dogs, and all of it reminds me of raising children which I've already done. But puppies are SO cute!

  5. If only puppies didn't grow into children...............

  6. Damn I just realised I said puppies grow into children, I have no idea why I said that