From Tracie: Your Florida Is Showing

Monday, January 06, 2014

Your Florida Is Showing

With deep apologies to everyone living north of me, I share this story. These are the conversations Floridians have when it is 50 degrees outside.

Thomas and I had to run to the bank to cash a check over the weekend. I say run, but actually we were walking. I threw on a coat and hat on the way out the door. Mostly because my hair was a mess, and the hat matched my jacket.

Thomas: We need to go back; you don't have a scarf.

Tracie: I don't need a scarf.

Thomas: Yes, you do. And we need to put on gloves. It is cold out here.

Tracie: It isn't that cold. I'll be fine.

Thomas, stopping in the middle of the road: Seriously, we can go back. It is SO cold. You might want a jacket that has a hood to go with your hat. Or your wool coat. Can you believe how cold it is? Let's go get scarves.

Tracie: Stop. Your Florida is showing. We will be okay. It is not that cold.

At least it wasn't raining, so he did not try to talk me into bringing an umbrella.

I hope all of you in the actual cold are staying warm. I'll be thinking of you while I sit down here by my air conditioning, not wearing a scarf.


  1. Thomas is begging for those of us in actual cold to come slap our ice block hands on him isn't he??

  2. You're cracking me up here. I have a friend in Key West and she was complaining that it was only 72 and she couldn't go to the beach. 72 is my idea of nearly perfect..anywhere on earth.
    It was -13 here two nights ago.
    Anyway, I'll be in Ocoee in three weeks anyway!

  3. it's the unusual 18 degrees here in Myrtle Beach... have to go out later maybe but I'll stay warm. We do get use to warm weather that way.. hugs

  4. I usually think anything below 60 is cold considering I was born and raised in California (I now live in Vegas). Lately though I've been able to walk out of the apartment in jeans and a t-shirt when it's 55 degrees outside. As soon I get into shade though I want my sweater. Oh well. Much better than being on the east coast!

  5. Haha! I'm freezing today! But, then I see FB and realize I'm not.

  6. Hehehe! It's 2 F here today...yep, it's really cold! That's no including the windchill (Ottawa, Canada) Following from the Sits FB group thread!

  7. Hahaha! It was 6 degrees below zero yesterday morning, but in the 30s today in Denver. I'm headed to Orlando in a few weeks and am packing my capris and flip flops. I can't wait!! I hope it's up to 60 by then. Otherwise I might need to bring pants.

  8. This is the time of year I regret moving back to MA from FL!

  9. Tracie, it must be your Yankee blood keeping you warm in those 50 degree temps! I shall send Thomas some of Joe's winter gear for the next time the thermometer dips. ;) It was -8 at the bus stop this morning. It's a darn good thing I like my neighbors because we were all huddled together like penguins to stay warm.

  10. As I write this, it is ZERO degrees. ZERO.

    If it was 50, I would be in flip flops and without a jacket. In fact, I ditch the jacket right around 32 degrees!

  11. I'm with Thomas! That's cold weather if you ask me. I'm so happy that it's supposed to be warm this weekend!

  12. I would kill for 50 degrees weather! lol Below zero here. uck!