From Tracie: Life Is Too Short To Buy Bad Cookies

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Life Is Too Short To Buy Bad Cookies

Thomas came home from the store with a package of cookies yesterday (because he has been married to me for almost 12 years, and knows the way to my heart). They looked like the pirouette cookies I love, and were on sale for a dollar. It seemed like a perfect answer to the question, "What cookie will I eat after dinner tonight?" but it wasn't.

They didn't have any filling or flavor.

No chocolate. No hazelnut. Not even any french vanilla.

Just the outer cookie.

It is like having an Oreo without the cream, and nobody wants that.

After a couple of bites I realized they tasted exactly like fortune cookies.

So now I'm sad there isn't any chocolate filling, or a piece of paper giving me lotto numbers and a possible glimpse into my future. Very disappointing.

Here's the thing, I'm fairly cheap, and like getting a good deal, but that good deal isn't good anymore when the cookies are bad.

Life is too short to buy cookies that aren't great just to save a dollar.

The older I get, the more I feel the shortness of life. And I'm realizing how many things I do, that I don't want to do, and don't even really NEED to do. And all the things I don't do, that I really DO want to do.

Life Is Too Short To Buy Bad Cookies

Here are some more things I've learned life is to short to do or not do:
  • Life is too short to not stay up all night when you are reading an amazing book, and let yourself sleep in the next morning.
  • Life is too short to eat all your vegetables and not leave room for dessert (unless you love vegetables like dessert, in which case I don't understand you, but do think you should eat all the veggies you want!).
  • Life is too short to not wear that t-shirt from 1997 that still makes you smile.
  • Life is too short to make your kids stick to a strict bedtime schedule every single night.
  • Life is too short to not make time for writing, especially when those words might be some of the most important things you leave behind in the end.
  • Life is too short to eat grilled chicken when you really want a steak.
  • Life is too short to not talk to your best friend on the phone for an hour.
  • Life is too short to talk to someone you don't like, or stay on hold, for more than ten minutes.
  • Life is too short to not visit that museum exhibit you have been wanting to see even though you should be running errands.
  • Life is too short to check your work email in the evening when you really don't have to.
  • Life is too short to not add time for that video chat into your official schedule so you don't miss it.
  • Life is too short to waste time on reality television (unless you really love it, and then you should go for it!).
  • Life is too short to not save up, take a whole day off, and go to the movie theater for a double feature.
  • Life is too short to stay in relationships that don't nourish your soul.
  • Life is too short to not learn how to do that thing you have always dreamed about trying.
  • Life is too short to hold on to things that aren't really important.
  • Life is too short to not tell your stories. All of them.
  • Life is too short to keep your mouth shut when you know the answer or have a better way.
  • Life is too short to not take that picture so you can remember this perfect moment forever.
  • Life is too short to let fear lead the way in your decisions.
  • Life is too short to not take a road trip, or any other kind of trip.
  • Life is too short to pretend to be someone you aren't.

What is your life too short to, or not to, do?


  1. Gosh, how disappointing!

  2. I would probably cry if my cookies didn't have any filling!
    On another note, thank you for this post. As usual, it came at just the right moment. Cindy and I were just talking about how life is too short to do things everyone tells us we "should" be doing. Y'all sure know how to boost this heart of mine <3
    My life is too short to worry about the dishes in the sink or the laundry piling up. My life is too short to NOT curl up with pretty notecards and stickers to make special notes for all my favorite people.

  3. I love the title. And the cookies sound horrific! Creamless Oreos? Middle-less wafers?? I agree wholeheartedly.
    Ok so my mother-in-law. You wouldn't understand her. She loves kale, right? I like kale, in that "This is so healthy that I feel awesome" way. And trying to make it taste ok - baking it or sauteeing with garlic.
    Well my MIL loves kale so much that when I said, "Yeah.. I mean it's good, but it's not... cookies and ice cream, you know?"
    She said, "I'd rather eat kale."
    That should be a bumper sticker! For weird people. Your blog post title should be a bumper sticker for me.

  4. Oh man I would have cried and I love cookies. Seriously, we just went to a wedding two weeks ago and they had cake with no icing. Seriously, an iceless cake, I thought right then and there that life was too short to not have cake without the icing (swear). So, when I read your title I couldn't help, but be intrigued after I only just thought this and went through it recently myself.

  5. I'm on my period and I would have cried. Full out I probably would have sobbed lol

  6. Fabulous list! Being in my forties has helped me let go of so many things that just don't matter. I think we're on the same page on this one.

    And now I want cookies!

  7. Life is too short for small talk. Life is too short to not get the large popcorn with butter.

  8. What an amazing list, Tracie! I love it. The one about our words being what we leave behind really got to me. I've been having a hard time recently with wondering why I spend so much time on it but you know what - you gave me the answer. I spend time on it because I love it. And the bloggers I meet. So thanks for that!!! And ugh to the cookies. Here's to spending the money on the good ones. The best ones.
    Life is too short to pretend we like things for other people, to pretend to like things because we're "supposed" to, and definitely too short to say no to another glass of wine when hubs is home and things are safe, and yum, I mean, wine.

  9. You're right. Life is too short for so many things. I hate to waste time.

  10. Love your list, and share your disappointment over cookies with no filling! Let's live life to the fullest!

  11. I agree about the cookies! My doctor wants me to cut back on white sugar, and I am happy to say that I found some awesome cookies that naturally sweetened AND gluten free - Enjoy Life Snickerdoodles! Zero disappointment! :)

  12. I am queen of frugal but sometimes you can't just "frugal" your way through an abundant life - and that goes far beyond cookies!! I hope you get some authentic cookies to take that taste of disappointment away.

  13. I absolutely love this post! You are so right. Life really is just too short, so make the moments count.

  14. This is such a great list and life really is TOO short not to enjoy it as much as we can!

  15. This is a great post. Life is definitely too short to not do things that make you happy!

  16. This is a great post! Always go for the better cookies and always think of life being to short to not do things you love :)

  17. Love your title! Yes life is too short and there are bigger things out there!

  18. I had a wake-up call about this when my dad died. I realized every moment we have is precious and living life without regrets is the way to go.

  19. Life is too short to eat grilled chicken when you really want a steak. haha that's so true!! I wish I could sleep in:)

  20. Bummer about the cookies. Love your list. made me smile.

  21. Yea, that would not make me to happy getting a cheap cookie. Umm, life is to short not to go for your dreams and to hold back because others don't believe in them.

  22. Oh that's a bummer on the cookies! But yes you're right.. life is too short to not live it!! Thanks for the awesome reminders!!

  23. "Life is too short to pretend to be someone you aren't" That is a biggie in my book. But my husband would love the Oreos without the filling

  24. Major boo on the lack of filling, but it prompted you for a great post. I love this. So much. Life really is too short. xo