From Tracie: Step Over The Bad And Celebrate The Good

Friday, June 20, 2014

Step Over The Bad And Celebrate The Good

Imagine with me if everything that happened to you in the last week was represented by something tangible. Some of it is a little gross, like a three week old bag of fast food trash that got shoved up under your car seat, only to be found on the hottest day of the year. Some of it is beautiful, like a small note from your kid, left on your bookshelf right where she knew you would find it. And some of it appears muddy, until you wipe it off and find a glittery stone hiding inside all that dirt and grime.

You are holding all these things in your hands.

It is time to drop all the things that are gross (and maybe more than a little smelly), and step over them. What is left is the beautiful things, and the things that have the potential for beauty once they are given a little love or looked at in a new way.

This is how I see Ten Things Of Thankful each week. It is a chance to share the beautiful things left in your hands once you step away from all the bad. It doesn't mean the bad didn't happen, or that you won't have to deal with it (hopefully it will be as simple as throwing away a bag of trash, but we all know life tends to be more complicated than that), but for just a few minutes you are letting all of that go to celebrate the good.

That being said, step close. I have ten things in my hands, ten thankfuls, that I want you to see. I hope they inspire you to find the good in your week.

1. Yellow flowers.
Yellow Flowers Lazy Susans

2. Last night we watched The Odd Life Of Timothy Green after borrowing the DVD from the library. I remember seeing the advertisements and previews for it, but they all left out one very important aspect of the film - it is basically all about pencils. Yes, there is a lot of family issues and an adoption story in there, and even some magical moments with a kid who has leaves growing on his legs. But for me, it was all about the pencils. I'm sure any lover of office supplies would agree we need more movies that concentrate on this special niche.

3. Finding out the official date for the Universal Studios Diagon Alley opening, and learning that wizard wands will actually work there. It makes every inch of my geek-heart happy.
Rainbow Loom Puppy Sitting By Computer

4. A rainbow loom puppy to keep me company while I work.

5. Have you ever had a business meeting where every second was awesome? I did this week. It was great. Plus it was one of those weeks when I felt wondrously productive. Now I just need to work on making that happen every week.

6. Books arrived in my mailbox this week. A long-awaited book I haven't yet read, and a book I have read and loved but did not previously own.

7. Last Friday Katarina had all her teeth pulled. Well, not all of her teeth, just all seven remaining baby teeth.
Baby Teeth Have Roots
I am thankful for every bit of support we both received through that process: a ride to and from the dentist in a torrential rainfall, text messages sent to keep me sane in the waiting room, ideas for food that require very little chewing, kind and encouraging words sent to Katarina, and all the love and prayers.

8. The Ten Things Of Thankful facebook group, which has made me smile all week. I'm loving it. I even mentioned it in my post about how social media makes me stronger, because I really believe it is a force for good.

9. Blueberry bagels with cream cheese eaten early in the morning before the sun comes up to say hello.

10. Emails from people who really get you. This week I got an email that made me laugh, sigh with relief, nod with agreement, and want to do a happy dance. Everyone should get an email like that at least once a week.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Aww, all good, things, all good things (sorry just watched Frozen for the 1,234,567,890 time with the girls and just couldn't resist). But seriously, you are preaching the choir about the TToT and love linking up whenever I can, because the message truly is one of the best out there, plus the people that host are so genuinely caring and loving, too. Posted mine today, as well and will be linking up as soon as Lizzi posts :)

    1. I seriously snort-laughed at the "all good things, all good things" because we are big on the Frozen at my house, too, and I instinctively read that in Olaf's voice.

      TToT rocks my face off every week. Even when I don't write a post to link up, I try to stop by Lizzi's and read some of the linked posts. They always brighten up my day. I'm excited to read yours! :)

  2. I love your beautiful intro--you've captured the essence of the blog hop!

    I hope your daughter's mouth feels better soon. That was a lot of teeth!

  3. I love the photo of (what we call here) Black Eyed Susans. Great shot.
    Oh, those teeth and the pulling. I was cringing for her. I hope she is healing and able to eat some good stuff really soon.

  4. I love your introductory analogy!
    I hope Katarina hels up quickly. I had 8 teeth pulled when I was 10. It isn't any fun. Ice cream helps. :)
    I have never been to a meeting in which every minute was good. Normally, there is lots of annoying unproductive ness to annoy me. I'm glad to know there are good meetings.

  5. Hi Traci. Your intro/explanation of TToT was beautiful. I'm went back to read your post about social media. Sometimes I think Pinterest is let's say, raising the bar on social occasions and weddings and showers. I've heard the expresssion "Pinterest perfect". Hope your toothless little sweetie is okay.

  6. I had to laugh at the baby teeth having roots line. I was the same way when my youngest had one pulled. Who know? And I have a Pinterest account. And that's about it. ha.

  7. Love the flowers. Black eyed Susans? I have some in my backyard.
    My daughter has had a total of 17 teeth pulled by the oral surgeon (not at one time, but in three different sessions over the years) to make room for permanent teeth. Not fun. Hope your daughter is at least able to enjoy eating ice cream and pudding and other fun soft foods!

  8. I'm so happy that the yellow flowers brightened your day, and the email from your friend made you feel so happy and understood.

    I really like your visualisation of how the TToT helps us to cast off the garbage. That's an image I need to work on.

  9. I told my husband that I wanted to go to HP's World, and he just looked at me sort of funny...I don't think he thought I was serious!

  10. The first post and such perfection! You have so absolutely captured the purpose of this hop and I love every word! My daughter has had to have a couple of teeth pulled in the past couple of months, too and the roots on one was outrageous! Both teeth were the bottom canines and they were nowhere near loosening and the adult teeth had started growing is behind was crazy. I have seen the reports on Diagon Alley all week (I live in Lake Mary) and it looks like great fun. We have some Harry Potter fans in the house so I'm sure we'll be visiting soon.

  11. I've never seen The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Haha, I do love office supplies, so maybe I should give it a try!

  12. I love your intro. How true it is that there are often gems under the mud and that it's important to see them because too often, there are rotting bags of forgotten fast food under our seats. But the thankful and the beauty matters more. Here's to flowers and pencils and your poor little girl's teeth (must have been challenging - I hope she's feeling better!!!) and to amazing work meetings.

  13. Loved the flowers! Yellow roses are my favorite :)

    Great post.

  14. My son's name is Timothy Green so hearing that movie title always causes me to double-take! lol Love the yellow flowers, and I'm loving the TToT FB group too!

  15. yeah… yeah but it's alright to keep those little square bags of ketchup, right?
    nice (re)presentation of the TToT …
    yow! many teeth!

  16. It is truly the little things in life that make us happy! :)

  17. I love how you framed this post from the start - step over the bad indeed. It's a conscious choice - and I think this hop does so much to make me consciously do that and be the happier for it.

    You have a great list here. I winced at all the teeth - and hope your little one is okay. - Louise

  18. I loved the Odd Life too. I am going to have to re-watch it now for the pencils. The flower pics were so lovely. I so enjoy the thankfulness and sharing. :)

  19. A great post, I love pink flowers best

  20. I really need to get on board with this Ten Thankful Things. I know it could help to focus on the good once in a while :) I love those yellow flowers, and everything on your list. Today your emails were great big smiles for me, so I'm thankful for them and you <3

  21. I am thankful for perspective and the reminders to use it. It is so essential to drop all those ugly, muddy things that are holding back our happy! I love this reminder...and office supplies!

  22. Awesome list! I cried at the end of Timothy Greene - hard, but it was a beautiful love story. The yellow flowers are so gorgeous - almost as gorgeous as your writing. Have another wonderful week this week!

  23. This happy list makes ME happy. :-)

    I used to love blueberry bagels back when I could eat gluten. xo