From Tracie: Corn Maze Adventure

Monday, November 03, 2014

Corn Maze Adventure

We went to a corn maze over the weekend. I know it is probably hard to believe, but it was the first time I had ever visited a corn maze. Or corn in general.

corn against a blue sky

Katarina and I were hanging with Lee and her family on Saturday. In an effort to find something to do with the kids that would be different (and not super expensive), we went online to look for fun family activities in Orlando, and found Scott's Maze Adventures at Long & Scott Farms.

Tracie and Katarina in a corn maze

It was windy, and a little cold (it was the day cold came to Orlando this year), which was absolutely perfect for a corn maze adventure. We did have to borrow sweaters, though, because we were not prepared for outdoor fun.


The corn was tall.

Tracie and corn

And the maze was huge. Seven acres.

corn maze from above

It took quite a while to find our way out of there, but we did survive it.

There were other fun things at Long & Scott Farms, including a playground, kid-sized zip line, kid's fishing hole, a market, and more farmish things.

Katarina and a tractor

fishing for kids sign

They also have other mazes - a smaller corn maze, a rope maze, a mist maze, and a tree maze. You have many opportunities to get lost at Long & Scott Farms.

Next to the playground is a small labyrinth we quite enjoyed, even though we didn't find David Bowie there.


Clearly walking a labyrinth is hard work, as you can see by our windblown hair. Okay, maybe not exactly hard work, but still more effort than Lee and I usually extend on a Saturday afternoon.

Tracie and Lee

It was a great farm experience. And now I'm hooked on corn mazes.
I might have to take another trip back out there before the season ends.


  1. We have totally been to our local farm, but didn't do the corn maze, as I didn't think Lily would be able to walk the entire length. Emma is no problem, but Lily tends to get tired of walking and even on Halloween ended up being dragged around in our neighbor's wagon, because she didn't want to walk anymore. So, hoping maybe in the next year or two, she will be able to do this though. Looked like a lot of fun though and glad you both got to do this and hope you get to go again soon :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! We have not attempted the corn maze yet, but visit Long & Scott's farm every year for pumpkins and fun.

  3. What a great day! And oh my gosh, that sky, WOW! I love this time of year :)

  4. What a BLUE sky. ANd corn mazes, so much FUN!! Memories were made that day for sure, Tracie.

  5. I have never heard of a corn maze and I have never been in a maze in my life

  6. Loving the blue sky! Corn mazes sound way more friendlier than a mirror maze which totally freaked me out and I had to leave. I just might have to try a corn maze.

  7. I admit that I've been to many corn mazes and I'm totally the weakest link. I just amble along taking photos while other people figure out the puzzles and directions.
    Nice, right?
    I wonder what sweater weather is when you're acclimated to heat? 72? Colder? It looks fun!