From Tracie: The Smell Of Cold Fills The Air

Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Smell Of Cold Fills The Air

I can smell weather. I'm especially sensitive to the smell of cold. It is my super power. Although, unless we are concerned about Elsa plunging us into an eternal winter (or the snow queen doing so, for those Once Upon A Time fans among us), it probably won't land me in a comic book.

No. My power is more like Lorelai Gilmore's ability to smell the first snow.

Only I don't usually get to use my powers to smell snow. Sad.

Lorelai Gilmore Smells Snow

The cold came to us on a Saturday this year.

November 1st. Just in time for NaBloPoMo.

It is not real cold, of course (and everyone north of me is surely rolling their eyes at anyone in Florida feeling cold), but it is the beginning of cold for Orlando, and there was enough wind and chill in the air to warrant the wearing of light jackets.

I'll take any cold I can get, so I am loving every minute of it.

Tonight, Thomas opened the door, and the smell of cold instantly filled the room.

It was like a little gift just for me.

A promise.

A reminder.

Autumn really is here.

Winter is coming.

And with it, change is on its way.

I'm very much looking forward to changes coming to my life as this year closes.

It is a beautiful thing to be standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down over a wondrous valley, without feeling as if you are about to fall over the side. To know there is a path right next to you, which will lead to your next adventure.

This is how I feel this year in so many ways. Hopeful and thankful. Ready for adventure. Spurred on by the unfolding of well-laid plans, and accompanied by the smell of cold and the chill in the air.

This is a level of optimism that I don't often possess, but I'm really starting to like it. It is with this optimism I cry, "Bring on the half-full glasses of water!" I'll take mine with extra ice.


  1. I wish this year had been that way for me.. but maybe if I can get my blog back up at somewhere I feel like it is useful and get my bath line off the ground.. Maybe this is a new year for us as well. But I do love the cold as well, my body not so much. Come on up we had snow on cars yesterday!!

  2. Ok I admit not a cold weather lover and was freezing and windy here today in NY. So was not a happy camper to be honest, but still your description made me feel just a bit better. Thanks Tracie ;)

  3. I'm happy for your anticipation of all good things to come, Tracie!

  4. I do love the smell of cold air... just not the feel of it, I guess :)

  5. Well you do get acclimated to where you live, so your version of cold is your version of cold! Or Florida's version, anyway.
    I can totally smell it too. It's wonderful.

  6. Unfortunately, for me it is a migraine, not my sense of smell that frequently alerts me to a coming weather change! This was beautifully written. Glad that I found your blog, and may all your future changes be happy ones!

  7. By the time winter arrives I am so over summer, I love the change in seasons

  8. I adore the way you write, the pictures you paint with your words. xo

    Even if I hate the cold. ;)