From Tracie: Missing

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I doubt, seriously that anyone is lurking around here wondering where I have been since November....but just in case, here is the update of my world.

Job Changes: my husband had some major job changes, which made moving necessary since our housing was part of his previous employment. There was about a three month long period of time where our life was completely up in the air as to what was going to happen with his job situation--very high stress. But in November we found out that we would definitely need to be moving on.

That leads to Living Changes: We now a motel. No kidding! As of a couple of weeks ago all of our stuff is in storage and we are staying in a motel. It might sound a little crazy (and some days it feels more than a little crazy) but right now we are in major about a week (hopefully) we will be going to a different city for a short-term job. We will stay there until we have to be in Arizona in mid-April for a wedding. At that time we will be making some more permanant life decisions.........Moving to Arizona might be in our future, but nothing is definite at this point. Basically the wedding will be a reason for us to make the trip out there and look into housing and job situations and see if it will be a feasible place to move or if we need to look into other places.

I haven't had any regular computer access since November, so that (and my personal stress level all this time) is why I have been missing for all this time. I really do miss the blogosphere. Hopefully in the next couple of months life will become normal again and I can be back to regular blogging and email interaction. (I am accepting all offers of free laptops to make my return sooner!!)

So, just in case anyone comes wondering by and wonders whatever happened to me.....there it is. I will be day soon.


  1. Okay, it doesn't sound like you are going to be able to read this comment for a long time but I just wanted to wish you luck, all the way from Marrakesh, during your transition:-)

  2. We'll leave the light on for ya!

    Hurry back!

  3. Thanks for the two nice comments left. I happened to be by a computer today and stopped by and saw that you came by.

    As to the long crazy comment......I have tried and tried to figure out how to get rid of it but can't.....I am putting comment moderation on to keep any more of this crazyness away while I am gone.

  4. Ugh. Anonymous sure had a lot to say, eh? Hope all is well and an update is coming soon!:)

  5. I wasn't exactly lurking, but was wondering where you'd gone. Blessings and best of luck in your new life situation.