From Tracie: -It's All About the Prevention

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

-It's All About the Prevention

Have you heard about the Mohler Family?  A whole family of child I surprised?  Sadly, no I am not.  It is happening every day.  1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are being sexually abused right now in this country.  Lots of people still seemed surprised and shocked when stories like this make the news.  I hear a lot of people say "Why?" and "How can we stop this?" is one important answer - PREVENTION!!

It is no longer enough to sit around our houses shaking our heads at the news when these stories come on.   There is something that each of us can do.  Have you heard about Darkness to Light's Steward's of Children?
Steward's of Children is a revolutionary sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse, and motivates them to courageous action.  

Here is Anne Lee from Darkness to Light:
Do you know a child who is being sexually abused?  Would you be able to recognize the signs if you saw them?  If a child came to you and told you that this was happening, would you know what to do?   I encourage everyone to check out Darkness to Light and especially the Steward's of Children.   


  1. People, if you are going to have children, you must pay attention to where they are and who they are with. Don't ignore the signs.

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  2. That is so disgusting and they all should be shot!!! I don't get how people can do that to little girls and boys.

  3. It is a sick world. I don't understand how anyone could do that.

  4. I saw this on the news and am deeply saddened. Of course, you are happens every day. This is exactly why I am so neurotic with my girls...I don't let them go ANYWHERE. I feel that the only way I can keep it from happening to them is to MAKE SURE that it doesn't by avoiding the opportunity. Some call me overbearing and neurotic (I call myself neurotic)...and I may well be...but my girls are NOT going to have to go through something so devastating.

  5. What a horrible story...but I am glad someone is teaching adults how to recognize the signs. We all have children in our life, regardless if we don't have any of our own or if ours are adults now, and we have a responsiblity to care for them.

  6. I think the media feeds on it and into it. Good for ratings. I also think the more it is reported in that way, the more it normalizes it and gives sick people ideas.

    Hey, your blog looks great!

  7. How sad that such a program is necessary. As a former victim of childhood sexual abuse, I understand the need for awareness. Why don't we ever see posters about incest, for example? Yes, it's abhorrent, but why is it a secret? Shouldn't kids know that they don't have to take it? Thanks for bringing this up.