From Tracie: A Successful Covert Mission

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Successful Covert Mission

Every good blogger spy knows that you can't share information with someone who does not have the proper security clearance. Please pull out your papers and let me inspect them.

Okay. Looks good.

I think you are ready to hear about this covert mission that Vanessa and I did on Friday afternoon.

Our Mission: Focus Rally America Callbacks

Our contact, Amy, sent us an email which instructed us to meet at a hotel. Wear pattern-less shirts, no white, no black, because it is better for the camera it makes it easier to not get noticed by enemy spies. We were to wait in the lobby and under no circumstances were we to speak to anyone! We had a phone number, and once we arrived we were to text only our names (Every good blogger spy knows that you can't trust that your cell phone isn't bugged) to our contact. Then we were to wait until further instructions, while being careful not to talk to anyone. The message might have self destructed in five minutes, so it was a good thing that we wrote that phone number down.

Vanessa came to my house early so we would have enough time to get there. We weren't exactly sure where we would be going, and of course we wouldn't be able to ask any of the hotel staff possible enemy spies for help or directions. (We could have really used that Ford Focus GPS-*hint hint*)

We made it there, parked in a covert location, donned our spy gear, and entered the hotel lobby.

This is a picture that we may or may not have intercepted as it was picked up by hotel spy security. It is a good thing we wore those high-tech spy costumes, or we might have blown our covers.

Vanessa's iPhone chirped at us (Every blogger spy knows that you have to have the most up to date spy equipment). Come to Room 318. Some people would have turned back at this point. Run away in fear and confusion. Not me and Vanessa. We are committed to drive a Ford Focus across country, and nothing will stand in our way-not possible ax murderers, not spy missions, not getting a hotel room number when we were expecting a conference room. We are fearless.

Fearless, but smart. Vanessa discussed possible weapon ideas holding her keys in the ready position so she could poke someone in the eye if it was necessary to make a quick getaway.

When we got off the elevator, I made sure to say hello to one of the housekeeping staff as we headed down the hallway. (Every good blogger spy knows that on Law & Order they question the hotel housekeepers and show pictures of the missing person to them. Spying is all about being prepared for a possible abduction) We both breathed a sigh of relief when we saw two smiling and laughing girls coming out of room 318, they seemed fine.

When we reached the door, we were greeted by Amy and Jen. We had actually met Jen on Wednesday night and Amy is the one who had been emailing with Vanessa, so I immediately felt at ease. It also helped that Jen and Amy are super cute and fun.

The first thing they did was take our pictures. It was a bit like getting a mug shot, we held white boards with our names and phone numbers on them.

After the pictures were taken, it was time for the camera interview. It was pretty funny. We sat very close to each other (at this point I should probably apologize to Vanessa for that onion bagel I had for breakfast) and chatted. We were sitting in chairs completely surrounded by lights and the camera was right in front of us, with Jen and Amy sitting behind it.  Vanessa and I introduced ourselves and then we started answering questions. After the first question I pretty much forgot the camera was there and just talked. It felt like we talked for a long time and also like the time went very fast.....and then it was over. Mission completed.

Vanessa and Tracie in the elevator after our interview!
Now we wait. They still have more casting calls going on, so I'm not sure when they will watch all the videos and pass them around to all the people who make these decisions. Unlike a lot of the people who we saw at the first casting, Vanessa and I have never tried out for a reality show before, so we really don't know what happens next.....but we are hopeful. And really, who could resist watching us?

Now that you have been briefed on the mission, are you ready for your first assignment? You do want to watch us online, right? Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to tweet: "I want to see Vanessa @baptistness and Tracie @fromtracie on #Ford #FocusRally America @FordFocus " (Every blogger spy knows the power of twitter) If we get picked for the show and win, the ten people who help us the most will each win a 2012 Ford Focus to embark on spy missions of their own, so tweet away! Also, you can read Vanessa's side of the story.

This was such a fun experience. I would definitely do it again, and no matter what happens, Vanessa and I will be getting together again in the future. We probably won't sit quite so close to each other, but we will still have a blast! Because every good blogger spy knows that good friends, even the new ones, are something special.                                                              


  1. Seriously? If we tweet this for YOU, you might get in? Or are you already in?
    I knew you could do it.
    If I tweet it, i could WIN a ford focus? REALLY?
    You KNOW you have my support girl!
    i love ya!!!!! :)

  2. I love your version of the story! And so hope that you two get on the show!!!

    And not just b/c I'm convinced I can be one of the top 10 who help you.

    Off to tweet.

  3. You crack me up! If they don't pick you, they are IDIOTS!

    Diana (Georgia)

  4. TWeeted for ya hun good luck and ya better come through KY I m just saying

  5. Totally tweeted it. Will tweet it again. Even if the chance of getting a car for helping y'all wasn't in the mix... I'd SO be tweeting it anyway. I am still fully loving the fact that you two went for this chance. SO FUN! Love you!

  6. If you get two comments from me, I apologize, but OHMYGOSH you are awesome! This was perfect, and I cannot wait until our next 'mission' -- whatever it may be!! <3

  7. Ok, you girls are just TOO cute!! I will tweet this for sure...I would love to see you get this!!!

  8. I will totally tweet that!

    Excellent spying.


  9. Have tweeted and put this on Facebook. Sending prayers your way that you two get picks. If I was your age, I would be interested in giving it a try myself. Sounds like fun.

  10. I don't do the Twitter thing (yes I am the one!) so is it ok if I get naked and run through the streets of a few major cities carrying a giant sign telling the world to vote for you? Because I would you know!

    Well, I might wear socks. It's getting chilly.

  11. I don't Tweet, but I'm cheering for you!!! That is way cool. And I totally say they pick you girls, look how super cute you are!

  12. I'll be tweeting it in a second. I hope you guys get picked! I know you'll do a great job.

  13. Love the way you blog - oops, spy! Tweeted from Oz!

  14. I tweeted. I must watch this cross country trip. Sounds super fun!

  15. I am crossing my fingers for you girls!! Hope you're having a great Halloween!

    I tagged on you blog!!