From Tracie: Flying Plastic Planes and Avoiding Secret Military Agents

Monday, October 03, 2011

Flying Plastic Planes and Avoiding Secret Military Agents

I'm laying on my side of the bed, minding my own business and almost asleep, when suddenly - Thomas jumps across the bed, flipping over in mid-air. He lands on me, attacking me with his arm.

"What the crap? What are you doing?" I yell, "Why are you attacking me?"

"I did not attack you. I was the one being attacked."

"I certainly did not attack you."

"No. I was being attacked - in my dream."

And thus begins another installment of Thomas wakes Tracie up at 3am to tell her his crazy dream....

Setting: An airfield. 

Thomas is there with a group of guys. An old friend of ours, Chris, tells everyone that he has an important mission, and asks who can fly a plane. Thomas volunteers for the mission.
(I laughed, because Thomas hates flying. In response to my laughter, he said, " my dreams...I can fly planes,"  which made me laugh harder, probably due to sleep deprivation.)

Chris instructs Thomas to go to Pensacola, Fl (to the intersection of two real roads - that don't actually intersect).

Thomas, "I know those roads, but they are in different places. Did they move all the roads?"

Chris answers, "Yes. Yes they did."

Thomas walks out onto the airfield, grabs a Cessna, and takes off. He flies into the tops of trees. (At this point, Thomas told me that this is the main problem he has flying in dreams, he can't seem to avoid treetops.) He looks at the airfield, and sees the plane he usually flies sitting down there. Quickly, he lands the Cessna and tells Chris that he will have to fly his usual plane.

Made of plastic, it is about four feet big - a Fischer Price plane. It is yellow, orange, and pink.

Thomas climbs in, and sets off for Pensacola, without problem.

He lands his plane on an old helicopter field, by the light of a full moon. To the right, there is a plateau with a switchback road. He has to get to the top. Once he gets there, he realizes it is a covert military base, and there are soldiers everywhere. The soldiers are kicked back in lounge chairs, watching something on a large outdoor movie screen.

Using his powers of stealth, Thomas makes his way behind one of the lounge chairs. The soldier sitting in it looks back, but does not see Thomas. Deciding he needs to blend in better, Thomas removes his shirt, lays back on the ground, and stares at the moon.

A GI walks up and asks him how he is doing. He answers, "Fine".

A female captain walks over and asks him how he is doing. "Fine" he answers again, thinking to himself, "She doesn't believe me. She can tell I'm not a real soldier, because I'm fat." He knows he is in trouble. Quickly, Thomas darts to the edge of the plateau and jumps, landing safely on the ground. He can hear hundreds of soldiers coming down the path after him.

He doesn't turn around to see how close they are, instead he runs straight for the Fischer Price plane, climbs in, and starts to take off down the runway. Thomas is up in the air when he senses something move. He turns, and sees a face behind him...and then an attack.

It scared him, and he woke from the dream.

The End.
(of the dream....and possibly of my sanity!)

I'll be taking a nap today, what about you?


  1. BWhahahah ok so I will have to write about the night I 'rescued' Gene from a fire in my dreams.

  2. Oh my! That is crazy! I just have musical beds at my house. I slept in 4 different places last night. Not very restful.

  3. This is totally random but on today's Kewtsy they are selling mini mustache necklaces

    and I thought of you <3 lol

  4. Holy cow!! Please please ignore my first comment! lol I had two blog comment boxes open and put the wrong one here. *hides* Now for my 'real' comment here

    That Dream is crazy! I've had to rescue my husband from some weird dreams, but more often then not it's my kids I've had to pull out of dreams. My whole family talks in their sleep.

  5. Seriously active imagination that little one has. Thanks for sharing your mothering adventure with us!

  6. Popped in from SITS! I had a really crazy dream last night too--I'm going to blame it on my husband watching Star Trek before bed!

  7. Oh!! I think it's time for some dream interpretation...