From Tracie: Project Runway Isn't Ready For My Husband

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Project Runway Isn't Ready For My Husband

Tracie: "I think that show (Project Runway) is incredibly impressive, even when the clothes are ugly. The contestants went to a fabric store, created patterns in their minds, and sewed entire outfits in less than 12 hours. It is a big deal.

Thomas: "I could do that."

Tracie: "No, you couldn't."

Thomas: "Yes I could. I have this pattern in my mind. I call it toga. I would go to the story and buy this fabric called sheet."

Tracie: "No. Just no."

Thomas: "And then I buy these things called safety pins, and sew with them."

Tracie: "You would sew with safety pins? You know this is going on the internet, right?"

Thomas: "I'm glad I give you so much material."

Tracie: "So much material. Sew much material?"
(I think Thomas' love of puns is wearing off on me.)

Thomas: "For my next trick, I will teach you how to make a hat with a pattern I call newspaper."

Clearly I need to capture these creations on film, and send them in to the Project Runway people. They won't know what hit them.

What would you make if you were a contestant on Project Runway?

Thomas and Tracie Nall

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  1. When I was younger I had a notebook and color pencils I would draw all of these outfit designs in. I knew enough to know I was not ever going to be a designer. Tell Thomas to slow down on the caffeine

  2. Your husband cracks me up! Also, Ian and I have similar convos, though not about Project Runway because apparently I'm the only female in America who doesn't watch that show.
    Please tell Thomas that I will be waiting for my newspaper hat. It's cold here and I could use another hat to keep my head warm ;)

  3. haha! I laughed out loud at the wit in this conversation. Oh boy - I can't even sew my daughter's torn Rapunzel doll and it wound up needing ONE stitch. She even said to me, "You really need to take a sewing class or something. Sheesh."

  4. Hah! Whenever I watch Project Runway, I become a my own mind. Unfortunately, I have never used a sewing machine. So...yeah...

  5. When I watch Project Runway and my husband groans, I insist that it is art, trying to play to artistic side. He disagrees and says that it isn't art. However, we'll go to a museum and see clothing (usually period pieces) on display, that's when I tell him I win.

  6. haha!! Well, at least he has a plan if the need ever comes up!

  7. I love that he thinks he can create a new clothing design!

  8. I love that picture of the two of you. :-)

  9. ROTFL...this reminded me of the time when I considered having a twitter account just to tweet, "...the things my husband says." ;-)