From Tracie: Buzzfeed Quizzes Are Rigged And Obsessed With Ice Monsters

Monday, March 17, 2014

Buzzfeed Quizzes Are Rigged And Obsessed With Ice Monsters

I can not stop taking Buzzfeed quizzes.

If you take one, and share your results on facebook, I will click on that thing so fast, the link button won't know what hit it.

What state should I live in? Check. Oregon, naturally.

Which superhero am I? Check. Professor X.

Recently I saw someone share the Which Frozen Character Are You quiz. I love Frozen, so there was no passing up this chance to have Buzzfeed validate my inner Anna or Elsa.

I took the quiz, and got Marshmallow.

Buzzfeed Quiz Answer Marshmallow from Frozen

Hmm. That was a little disappointing.

I let Katarina take the quiz, and she got Marshmallow.

Which led to this important facebook update:
If you need us, we will be spending the rest of the night choosing different answers on this quiz until one of us is granted ice powers. Priorities.

Several people commented, and said they also got Marshmallow.

My friend Lee got the King of Arendalle on her second try.

After my fifth time taking the quiz (Oh, you thought I was kidding about taking it again?), I finally got Elsa.

Buzzfeed Quiz Answer Elsa from Frozen

So we did a little test.

Katarina chose the exact same answers I did, and she got...


I gave it one more shot, hoping for Ana.

Got Marshmallow instead.

Clearly the Buzzfeed quizzes are rigged.

And they have an over-developed love for snow monsters.

But that doesn't stop me from clicking those links.

Even though I'm not sure what picking a color has to do with which Downton Abbey character I am? Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham. Apparently she just loves the color yellow.

Or what my favorite form of social media has to do with which US President I am? Ulysses S. Grant. It seems he was a big fan of facebook.

Or what the Hogwart's house sorting has to do with which Golden Girl I am? Dorothy. Okay, that one was actually pretty spot-on.

Or what my favorite way to stay active has to do with which secondary Harry Potter character I am? Especially when Quidditch isn't an option. But today I have learned that Minerva McGonagall loves to bust some dance moves. I bet there is a youtube video of her dancing in cat form. This basically explains the entire internet.

Or why Buzzfeed keeps asking me what my favorite song is from a list of songs that doesn't contain a single song I have heard or want to hear?

And I most certainly do not understand why Buzzfeed told me the classic Disney movie most like my life is Cinderella. Because the only answer to any question that contains me and a Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.

I keep clicking those links, and once in a while Buzzfeed gets it right. Like when I took the What Should You Actually Eat For Lunch quiz (because there really is a buzzfeed quiz for everything, and you should let the internet guide your every life decision) and the answer was Ice Cream.

Buzzfeed Quiz Answer Ice Cream for Lunch

Oh, Buzzfeed. Maybe you aren't messing with my mind. You really do understand me. And you seem to think I am Maggie Smith.

Maggie Smith with ice cream for lunch.

I don't think I will argue with that. But I am going to take the Frozen quiz one more time to see if you finally figured out that deep inside our hearts, Maggie Smith and I are Anna.

Do you get caught in the rabbit hole of Buzzfeed quizzes?
What was your favorite quiz or answer?


  1. I get the addiction. I always take the Buzzfeed quizzes when someone posts one in the FB feed! I have also retaken a couple when I didn't like the first answer I got. No doubt they are rigged but haven't they found a clever way to get us to their site?

  2. Oh... this makes me kind of sad that they are randomised like this :(.

  3. I take them all too! haha!! I haven't done the frozen one though... off to see who I am right now. I'm betting Anna! :)

  4. Hahahaha I do the same exact thing, so funny. I only 'share' my results on facebook like 1/10 of the time because I'm hiding away in the closet, nursing my Buzzfeed Quiz addiction.

  5. I have a friend who is obsessed with these and she'll stop for two days and then start again, saying she's "back on the sauce."
    I do believe they're rigged! I'm totally Marshmallow.

  6. I love those darn quizzes too! Also, I think you're spot on about Professor McGonagall and those cat videos :)

  7. I've ALWAYS had an obsession with taking quizzes. In college I spent entirely too much time on lol. And once I discovered buzzfeed had quizzes...let's just say my days have become less productive

  8. This cracked me up! Thanks for sharing your results. I did enjoy the BBC book link/results you provided. LOL I'm not addicted to this one...yet. :)

  9. I'm so glad I'm not alone in my Buzzfeed quiz addiction. I need to go take the Frozen one or I'll never know who I truly am. :)

  10. You crack me up!! I love those quizzes to. They and their questions make absolutely no sense to me either. But like many things in this world it doesn't need to make sense to be fun!!!

  11. Guilty. So so guilty of being obsessed with these quizzes. I have no favorite in particular but I do tend to gravitate toward the ones that ask what country you should live in or who your celebrity roommate would be. Those are fun.

  12. Hilarious post! And so spot on ;)

  13. Haha!! I was convinced that the quiz results were based solely on one question. For example, I said that pizza was the one food I would choose if I had to eat the same thing every day for the rest of my life, and Buzzfeed told me that New York was the city I should actually live in. I didn't think any of my other answers really added up to New York, but pizza made sense. Anyway, hilarious post. Buzzfeed quizzes are so ridiculous but sometimes you just can't help yourself!