From Tracie: Ten Things Of Thankful

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful

This is the one year birthday of Ten Things Of Thankful, the weekly linkup at Considerings Blog intended to help us stop and focus on the things for which we are thankful. I often click through, and read most of the posts, even when I don't submit one of my own. I appreciate seeing those bits and pieces of good things in people's lives, even when (or maybe especially when) they are reaching through a desperately dark week to come up with ten things that were pinpricks of light.

Because we all need light.
And thankfulness.

Here are my thankfuls this week:
1. The fresh smell of air that has been cleansed by a swift summer rainstorm.
2. Pens with blue ink.
3. Ducks.
4. Friends who are more family than friends.
(and sometimes more family than actual family)
5. Small butterflies.
6. Deep, companionable silences.
7. The people who make greatly detailed Rainbow Loom tutorial videos.
(because they make my kid happy)
8. Words.
9. Busses that arrive on time.
10. Tea that tastes like chocolate with notes of vanilla, and a stack of chocolate-filled wafer cookies.
chocolate tea

11. (...and, because I can't let a gratitude list pass without at least one more mention of food, even when I'm not writing hungry...) I'm thankful for all the great birthday cake pictures in Lizzi's post. Because I'm always thankful for cake - even when the cake is far away in England.

Happy birthday Lizzi. I know it isn't your actual birthday, but it is almost as exciting. Thank you for encouraging all of us to stop and appreciate the good things that happen each week. It is a blessing.

Ten Things of Thankful
What are you thankful for this weekend?


  1. 6. Deep, companionable silences.

    I like that one!

  2. Ah I'm so glad you've joined us for our birthday edition. A truly great post, and how happy I am that you enjoy the hop so much. You've said some lovely things about it - thank you.

    "Deep, companionable silences" - BEAUTIFUL! And it's lovely that you're thankful for the rainbow loom thing, because it makes your daughter happy. That's a really nice attitude to take to it.

  3. Love your list, and the photo. Honestly, sometimes it is HARD to come up with 10 things of thankful! Some weeks I just can't even make myself sit down and attempt it, but I'm always glad when I do.

  4. So nice, Tracie! Right now, I am spending the week with a friend who is more like family than actual family. It's a delightful thing!

  5. I'm so glad you are enjoying the TToT. Lizzi started a great thing.
    So, you like blue ink, but do you like a certain kind of pen? I have to say, blue is my favorite, too.
    We can use a good cleansing rain around here. Our dogs mixed it up with a skunk last night, and despite the fact we have strictly outside dogs, the smell has filled our house and the area around it.

  6. I love a good inky blue pen and the after aftermath of a summer storm is amazing.

  7. I love the smell after a good rainstorm. And I love ducks, too. The two just go together, don't they? :-)

  8. Tea that tastes like chocolate? Where can I get that?! Friends like this are definitely awesome to have. It was so nice to see you this week at TToT!

  9. I love on time buses and fresh, post-rain smells.
    Tea that tastes like chocolate might actually make me drink tea.

  10. Finally getting to catch up on more TToT and so happy to see you linked up here this week. And yes to chocolate. Will share that it just ate some of the leftover chocolate bunny from my girl's Easter basket, because it was that kind of Monday! :)

  11. I was thankfully to be able to see my nan on her 93rd birthday