From Tracie: I'm a Thursday Thirteen Slacker

Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm a Thursday Thirteen Slacker

I have officially missed two weeks of Thursday Thirteen.....I even had a great list started in my head, but just couldn't get to the computer on time. Oh well there is always next Thursday-except-there isn't because I will be out of town.

I am acually pretty excited about going out of town for several reasons. Probably not thirteen, but I am going to share them with you.

This is my "Thursday Kind-of-Thirteen That Doesn't Really Count Becuase it is Almost Friday and I Can't Guarantee That This List Will Have Thirteen Items, Or That It Will Be That Exciting!" (I bet that this new meme name I just invented won't be getting it's own blogroll with hundreds of members any time soon!)
  • Our fourth anniversary is on Tuesday-yeah!! For the past three years we have both known what day our anniversary was right up to the acual day, and then both forgotten it on the day....this year we will remember because we leave the next morning.
  • We are going to our conference's campmeeting starting Wednesday and lasting until Saturday.
  • Our daughter is acually going on her own trip with grandparents to see family in another state. Her first trip without us and she will be gone 10 days!!! *insert picture of terrified mother and father here* Just thinking about it makes me want to call the whole thing off, but I know that she will have fun.
  • Since she isn't coming with us and we are going to go stay in a hotel for four days it will almost be like an anniversary trip (with a few meetings and services thrown in)
  • That is nice for us because although we had three weddings, we never had a honeymoon.
  • Yes, I said three weddings!! but that is a LONG story for another post...just trust me, there were three.
  • I have thought that the three wedding could have something to do with the forgetting of the anniversary every year-the thing is that we always joke and say that we will celebrate on the 2nd or 3rd wedding's anniversary, but we definitely forget those dates.

So, there it is-I hope it was exciting. I won't be blogging much next week, but maybe I will take some pictures to make up for it..........yes, that would include one with my new hair--I will post it eventually, I promise. I would have done it tonight, but I haven't taken one yet.

Just for fun--Talking about anniversary's, check out what Carmi wrote about his, it's very sweet. Also, see the interesting things that PantryGirl's parents told her while she was growing up.

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  1. 3 weddings? Even though it's a long story, I am sure it is interesting! Happy 4th anniversary. Have a great time since your daughter won't be with you. Enjoy! Here from Michele's tonight.

  2. It seems like I am always asking for something when I post a comment on your blog...but I now want to see a picture of your red hair AND hear about the 3 weddings! You must post about that when you get the chance.

    Happy anniversary!

  3. OK, I totally have to come back and find out how someone has 3 weddings... LOL

    Here via Michele's tonight!

  4. I hope your time away will be lovely for you and your husband. And A Very Very Happy Anniversary To You Both!
    I hope you do blog about your three weddings. (lol)

  5. LOL, LOL..I was just here and the dear Michele sent mee back!
    Where is this week going to take place? Or is it already talking place?

  6. Here from Michele.

    Three weddings is definitely something to post about, and wait to read. How did you manage this? No wonder the anniversary thing is thrown into havoc. :)

  7. I can't believe I didn't say where we are going (Duh! Tracie)

    Birmingham, Al--which is nice and usually a little cooler than we are here in Florida and less humidity too (all good things!!)

    For all who have asked-I will do a post about the three weddings soon :)

  8. Oh, happy anniversary to yooooouuuu!! if you have 3! dates to remember, that is kind of hard. Ours is on jan 2nd, we cannot forget, lol. Your daughter will be FINE and happy, have a great vacation. My TT is up...wait, this time Michele sent me!

  9. Happy anniversary, and enjoy your childfree holiday. Here from Michele's tonight.

  10. I am sure you will have a great time just spending time together, even with meetings and services. Enjoy the time. Your daughter will have a blast :)...Thanks for stopping by this morning.

  11. Happy anniversary -- I hope you all have fun!

    Three weddings? I had two and I thought that was weird enough... ((LoL))) Must hear this story.

  12. Oops. Me again. I forgot to say thank you for visiting my blog. I'm a newbie here and it was very kind of you. =)

  13. Here from Michele again.
    Have a great time at the campmeeting.
    It should be a little cooler. I can't believe that it says it's 63 degrees out right now. No breeze or I'd open the window. I think this great low temp, low humidity thing is going to go away. Unbelievable for Va.Beach in July.

  14. Happy anniversary. Great to have a honeymoon-like getaway for it. Hope in 10 more years you'll be like Carmi's sweet story.

    My bet on 3 weddings is one for each family by custom or region plus on civil ceremony.

  15. You are most definitely thrice blessed. May your anniversary be a limitlessly happy and memorable time for you both.

    Thanks so much for linking to my entry. I don't often share this kind of thing on my blog, and I wasn't sure how it would go over. I'm so glad I did: I've been so touched by everyone's response.

  16. Michele sent me back to wish you Happy Anniversary!! have a great day :¬)

  17. hey Tracie!

    I just looking around and Michelle sent me!

    have good times

  18. OK, I can't WAIT to hear about the 3 weddings story! You mean we're gonna have to wait till you get back from vacation?!?!

    Have a great time, and try not to worry too much about the little one. =o)

  19. Michele sent me and it was great because then I can wish you Happy Anniversary from Norway!

  20. Goodness, when I think back to our 4th anniversary, it seems like it was just yesterday... but it wasn't. Time sure flies! Hope you had a great one!

    And I want to know more about those three weddings too!

  21. So that means today is your anniversary!! (ok, I am 23 minutes late) Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you are having a great trip!!

  22. Hope you are having a nice trip. New exciting! Hope you both survived daughter's trip as well!!