From Tracie: In Case You Didn't Know, I Love Yellow Things

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know, I Love Yellow Things

When I talk about yellow, I think of Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias explaining her pink wedding. In my mind, I hear myself with a strong(er) southern accent saying, "Yellow is my signature color."

When we were at Universal Studios last week (drying socks with a fan) I saw a lot of yellow, and today I bring you my three favorite shots...
Yellow Staircase
Yellow stairs. 
Because yellow lifts you up higher. 

Giant Yellow Book - Curious George
Yellow book.
Because everything about this 
(giant, yellow, Curious George book) 
is awesome.

Yellow Star
Yellow star.
Because I can.
(Yes, I am laying on the ground on a yellow star. Don't you do that?)

I'm constantly on the look out for it.
Yellow brings me joy
I find it in the grayest of places.

What is making you happy today?


  1. Fabulous pictures! And? I totally get it. I'm the same way about Red. Seriously. My PT Cruiser is Red. I bought it used. When I was on the lot with the salesperson, he tried to get me in a white PT Cruiser, and all because the air-conditioner wasn't working properly on the red car. I held my ground. I said I want the Red PT Cruiser, WITH the air-conditioner Fixed First. Badass huh?
    Hey, you like what you like.

  2. Love this, and the picture of you on the star made ME happy!!! Beautiful!!

  3. Curious George truly is fabulous and I clearly need a signature color!

  4. Making me happy watching a 1983 movie made for teenagers, staying warm on a cold, dreary day....being...

  5. We love the Curious George play area at Universal Studios, so much fun.

  6. I love yellow, too. It is the color of sunshine and happy-smiley faces. Yellow is good!

  7. When I see this... we are neighbors. Neighbors of the heart and soul. I do the same thing - spot it eveywhere I go and I literally cannot spot the yellow without thinking of you. Words can't describe how much I love these pictures!!! I needed to see them today! Wonder-hugs!

  8. I love that you love yellow! I'm the same way about hot pink even though my favorite color is green. Makes sense right? ;)

  9. HI Tracy...I'm with you. I love the color's brilliant and so are your total fun pictures....